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Acer Aspire 5742 Windows 7 Laptop - LX.R4F02.081

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Was : £659.97      You save: £196.00
Now £463.97 inc.VAT
  £510.37   Warranty Information

Protect your Laptop against the cost and hassle of unexpected failure and give yourself some added peace of mind with one of our great value extended warranties!

  • We cover repair or replacement costs for a fixed period of 24 months after the expiry of the manufacturers warranty.
  • Return to base repair after the manufacturers warranty terms.
  • No Excess.

pdf Click here for the Terms & Conditions

You will receive a policy schedule in the post within 30 days of taking delivery of your Laptop.

NB: Our Extended Warranties are only valid within the UK and can only be purchased at the time of your product.


Acer Direct regret that this product is sold out. Please call our sales team on 0871 984 4414 for an equivalent model.

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When it comes to computing there’s nothing more important than your multimedia; with this Acer Aspire 5742 you can take charge of your digital world and get the most out of all your favourite tools and applications.

Perfect for home users and students who want to get online, watch movies, sort their photos and download music, the Aspire 5742 comes with one of Intel’s latest processors and stacks of memory, so you’ll never be found wanting when it comes to power.

The Aspire 5742 has been designed as the perfect all-round notebook, delivering lightning fast performance on almost every task you can imagine; don’t miss out, get your hands on one today.

  • Screen size - 15.6 in - 1366 x 768
  • Processor - Intel Core i3 i3-370M - 2.4 GHz
  • RAM - 4 GB
  • 250 GB Hard Drive
  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
  • Optical Drive - DVD Super Multi
  • Webcam - 3
  • Warranty - 1 year warranty

Comments, Questions and Answers

Expand/CollapseGeneral Feedback

26-Oct-2010 Krishna: how much is the L2 cache memory ?

simon: 3 Meg, If you need more advice or want to go ahead and place an order, you should respond to this quote number on my direct dial number 01484 481 138. Regards, PAUL.

1-Nov-2010 Quesiton21414: What integrated graphics chipset?

simon: Intel® HD shared Graphics. If you need more advice or want to go ahead and place an order, my direct dial number is 01484 481 138. Regards, PAUL

7-Nov-2010 Jim Gleeson: There is no mention of network connectivity. Does this have wi-fi capability? Jim

simon: All laptops have wireless.

11-Nov-2010 Corskey: Can the memory be upgraded to 4Gb

simon: £49.97 installed pls call me on 01484 481 138 if you want to proceed. Regards, PAUL.

17-Nov-2010 Matt: Hi - how many rpm does the hard drive do - 5400 or 7200?

simon: 5400rpm

18-Nov-2010 Jon Cross: Is the memory DDR3 or DDR2?

simon: DDR3 RAM If you wish to place a order or need any more help my number is 01484 481 138 and my name is PAUL.

18-Nov-2010 prince: Does it have an integrated mic and webcam?

simon: It has 1.3 Mega pixel intergrated web cam

19-Nov-2010 Hari Kara: What is teh max RAM this laptop can take?

simon: upgradeable to 8 GB using two soDIMM modules

20-Nov-2010 g: has this laptop got bluetooth

simon: No this laptop does not have bluetooth

23-Nov-2010 Jo: Does it have an intergrated mic

simon: Yes. My number is 01484 481 138 (PAUL) if you want to proceed.

24-Nov-2010 lily: Is it possible to play games like Sims 3 on it?

simon: This will not play sims 3 it has to be NVIDIA or ATI graphics card

4-Dec-2010 Leon: Is this model essentially identical to the 5741 (LX.PSV02.102) but with a more powerful processor? Are there any other material differences/improvements? Crucially, is the battery of the same quality as the 5741?

simon: The models are very similar, the 5742 does have a smaller hard drive at 250GB and a slightly smaller memory at 3GB but you do get a faster processor and up to 7 hours battery life.

16-Dec-2010 Jigar Modi: Does the 1 yr standard warranty covers internationally or not?

simon: Yes.

18-Dec-2010 pauline: what audio details are on board

simon: Dolby®-optimized surround sound see http://www.acer.co.uk/ac/en/GB/content/series/aspire

16-Jan-2011 deenybean21: Can this machine be ordered with 4GB RAM and a 320GB hard drive? If you how much would it cost? It is difficult to make comparisons with other online retailers when the specs are all different for the same laptop model.

vicki: we can upgrade the ram for you but not the hardrive. the 4gb chip costs £79.97 plus £10 for fitting.

20-Jan-2011 mags: can you get tv on this computer

simon: If you buy a USB TV tuner or there is a site called catch up Tv you can get digital Tv.

22-Jan-2011 karim: how mush ram(memory) of graphics chipset ?

vicki: 128mb

30-Jan-2011 alison: i have purchased the acer 5720at xmas and it seems slow when i turn it on loading up is there anything i can do to sprrd it up

vicki: give Acer a call on 0871 7601000 for help and diagnostics.

31-Jan-2011 joa: what about communications? Is it Wifi?

simon: All laptops have wireless.

31-Jan-2011 Himanshu: how is the battery life on this laptop?

simon: upto 3hrs


paul: Yes, see http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/acer_aspire_cashback/page.asp

4-Mar-2011 Mike Davies: Hi looking to purchase one of these however could you supply this Laptop with either Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate please.

paul: We sell upgrade disks pls see products 7KC-00003 - for Win 7 Pro 39C-00003 - for Ultimate

5-Mar-2011 Stan: Which one is it then - 50 pounds or a 100 pounds cashback?

paul: It was £50.00 but now it's £100.00 My number is 01484 481 138 if you wish to order or have any further questions.

5-Mar-2011 Graham: Has this got a hdmi port?

Mike: Yes.

5-Mar-2011 Ali: The downloaded claim form states £50 cashback only. How can I confirm that I will get £100 cashback if it states £50 on the form only?

paul: £100 cash back ended yesterday the cash is now £50.00

6-Mar-2011 Shazia: Hi. I've gone through all the questions and answers on this and noted there are some contradictory answers regarding battery life. Simon in one answer (4th Dec) states that the battery life is upto 7 hrs. On 31 January he says it's 3 hrs. Which is correct?

Ross: 3.5 hours to be exact. many apologies for the confusion.

6-Mar-2011 Prem: Hi, We’ve received your e-mail advertise on Acer Aspire 5742 laptop for £299.97 (After £100 cash back) with FREE copy of Webroot Internet Security Essentials, FREE 3 Year Warranty and following specs: - • 15.6” Screen • Intel Core i3-370M Processor • 3GB RAM / 320GB Hard Drive • DVD Duper-Multi • Intel HD Graphics Nevertheless, when clicked the link, it was shown on the website 3GB RAM / 250GB Hard Drive for the same price. Please would you verify? Thank you. Prem M: 07990 587295

paul: The £100 cash back ended yesterday it is now £50.00. The hard drive is 250GB not 320GB it was a mistake sorry about the confusion.

7-Mar-2011 Bryan: I'm away from a phone - how do I order FOR COLLECTION

paul: Orders can be placed on our site or by phone.

7-Mar-2011 toni: Hi I called yesterday but answering machine came up. i called today again to buy this pc but answering machine picked up. Left my phone number but not call back. Btw how much is the cashback? £50 or £100? How can i get in contact with you ?

vicki: I have forwarded a quote to you via e mail with a direct dial contact number. If you go through to voicemail please leave a message and you will receive a return call.

9-Mar-2011 SSR: At this kind of price would you recommend any other laptop/notebooks for a frequent home user looking for a decent size screen and keyboard (but on a non-sizable piece of kit), fast internet, regular office package usage and reasonable battery life?

paul: Hi, There are many laptops the meet the criteria stated in your email. Due to the amount of incoming calls I receive I cant respond in detail by email to your enquiry so this enquiry is better dealt with over the telephone. Please call me on my direct line 01484 481 138 and I will be happy to assist you. Sorry I can't be of more assistance. Regards, Paul

9-Mar-2011 andy: Hi, seems I have just missed the £100 cashback by a couple of days? If the £100 cashback is still available, I'll buy immediately! have I missed the boat? andy

paul: It has now changed to £50.00 cash back. The £100 cash back was a weekend offer.

9-Mar-2011 bhish: what is the wireless LAN type? b,g or n.

jonathan s: The Wireless LAN type on this laptop is B,G & N

14-Mar-2011 nadya: Hi, does this laptop purchase include international warranty and a laptop bag please? Thank you

paul: It has a 12 month international warranty and carry cases are not included but there is a wide range on the web site.

18-Mar-2011 stephanie: I'm willing to buy this laptop but I need to know how the cashback works. Does it automatically go into my account after making the payment or will I have to only pay £349.97?

vicki: The laptop is £349.97 with us upfront and the cashback is claimed back 14 days following your purchase. Please follow the below link for our full terms and conditions http://www.acerdirect.co.uk/pdf/New_cashback_terms.pdf

18-Mar-2011 Harry: Is this a 2nd generation i3 processor?

Ross: This is the 1st generation i3 processor.

18-Mar-2011 kp: Can you confirm that these are brand new laptops not reconditioned

Ross: These are brand new units and not refurbished.

20-Mar-2011 Sam: Hi, it The cashback offer appears to have expired as on the factsheet it specifies the qualifying dates between 11 March through 14 March. So, has the cashback offer come to an end now (the 50 pound one)? Thank you.

paul: The £50.00 cash back is still on pls call me on 01484 481 138 and I will process your order.

21-Mar-2011 callum: Hi just wondering what the graphics is like on the aspire 5742. e.g. 512MB. Thanks

Ross: This is the full technical spec of this model. Aspire 5742 # Core i3 -370 2.4 Ghz, 3Gb (8Gb) 250Gb HDD, DVD SM, 15.6" HD 1366 x 768 screen ,Intel® HD Graphics (128 MB dedicated ram) 1.3M HD Webcam, Win 7 Home Premium, 2 in 1 CR,

27-Mar-2011 Elliee123: Does it come in white?

jonathan s: Unfortunatley we dont have this model in white

6-Apr-2011 4ftofflame: i already own this laptop,and i'm looking to get a charger for it for use in my car. which charger would be best?

Ross: We sell replacement power chargers for laptops , however car chargers we no longer stock. You would need to have an invertor to use our power adapters.

28-Apr-2011 AKSHAY SANGHVI: As per your knowledge which Laptop is more healthy for IT student ?

Ross: For graphic packages I would suggest the Acer Aspire 5553G model. For general coursework , mail checking , word processing , Facebook etc. I would suggest the Acer Aspire 5552.

11-May-2011 Manlio: is the wi fi card a g or an n?

Ross: the wireless card is compatible with both G and N connections including N1.

Pay over 10 months
A easy and simple way of spreading the cost of your purchase over 10 months. After making an initial 10% deposit of 47.39, you will then make 10 equal monthly payments of 47.39 at 26.3% APR. For the Acer Aspire 5742 Windows 7 Laptop that you have selected, this would work out as:
APR 26.3%
Cost of Product £463.97
Typical Delivery Charge £9.95
Total Normal Cash Price £473.92
Initial 10% deposit £47.39
Administration Charges £0.00
Loan Amount £426.53
Charge for Credit £47.39
Balance Payable £473.90
Total amount payable £521.29
10 monthly repayments of £47.39

Pay over 36 months
An easy and simple way of spreading the cost of your purchase over 36 months. After making an initial 10% deposit of £47.39, you will then make 36 equal monthly payments of £15.49 at 19.9% APR. For the Acer Aspire 5742 Windows 7 Laptop that you have selected, this would work out as:
APR 19.9%
Cost of Product £463.97
Typical Delivery Charge £9.95
Total Normal Cash Price £473.92
Initial 10% deposit £47.39
Administration Charges £0.00
Loan Amount £426.53
Charge for Credit £131.13
Balance Payable £557.66
Total amount payable £605.05
36 monthly repayments of £15.49

*Note: When calculating the 10% deposit, the amount you pay may be slightly more than 10% as the figure is adjusted to give rounded loan amounts

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