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Acer Aspire ONE A110-AB - Atom N270 1.6 GHz - 8.9 Inch TFT - A1/LU.S030A.203

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Acer Direct regret that this product is sold out. Please call our sales team on 0871 984 4414 for an equivalent model.

GRADE A1 - As New

Special Offer - Upgrade your Warranty to 12 Months for just £19.98. Please click here for details.

If you want a laptop that you can easily take on your travels, or just a 2nd laptop for when the kids are hogging the family PC, the ACER ASPIRE ONE AOA110-Ab is worthy of serious consideration.

At only 985 g this lightweight model is sure to make you wonder how you ever managed to lug a standard laptop around.

The powerful Intel Atom processor gives you fantastic performance in an incredibly small package. Also, the 16GB SSD Hard Drive means that this model has storage capacity to rival many of its larger competitors.

With the added bonus of a CrystalEye webcam you can easily keep in touch with loved ones absolutely free.

If it’s an ultra-portable laptop you need without compromising on performance, you can’t go wrong with the Aspire one AOA110-Ab.

  • Screen size - 8.9 in - 1024 x 600
  • Processor - Intel Atom N270 - 1.6 GHz
  • RAM - 1 GB
  • Hard Drive - 16 GB
  • Operating System - Linux Linpus Lite
  • Optical Drive - None
  • Graphics - Intel GMA 950
  • Webcam - Integrated
  • Warranty - 3 months warranty

Comments, Questions and Answers

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21-Sep-2009 mevlut: it is going to work with all internet acess or a specific one

SteveF: It has standard wifi included so will work on any wireless network.

30-Sep-2009 Rob: does it have windows on it and can I run sage accounts on it

SteveF: No, that product has Linux. Sage accounts needs windows from what I can tell from their website and the this machine specs (should you put windows on) can just about support the program, but its not going to run fast.

14-Oct-2009 JohnM: Can you run another version of Linux such as Jolicloud on this machine

SteveK: no

11-Nov-2009 laura: can you use msn and facebook ?

SteveK: Yes no problem

13-Nov-2009 paul: does this come with a charger

Tom: Yes, all our laptops come with a charger as standard.

17-Jan-2010 Mike: Is this price tag of £139.97 permanent or will it go back up at any time? If so, do you know when? thank you

SteveK: As soon as we have sold them all the price will go up, At an educated guess this will be about Wednesday this week.

6-Mar-2010 Ritchie: Can you run iTunes on the Linux Linpus OS?

SteveK: No

25-Apr-2010 Stephen Solar: Can you supply a larger capacity battery for this? If so, how much is it?

simon: Sorry only sell off the shelf products.

29-Jul-2010 Anna P: Can i download skype on this with out making the laptop go 2 slow?

simon: Providing your skype system you are wanting to us works with Linpus Linux Lite. Otherwise we do lots of other laptop that have XP on them. You can calls sales for advice too.

15-Dec-2010 D Ball: Can I use a dongle?

simon: Nearly all of them don't work with Linux, so I would suggest looking at netbooks with XP or Windows 7.

30-Dec-2010 matt: is the os linpus linux lite 1.4?

simon: Can't find out anywhere the specs Acer has provided don't go into that much detail. Please contact Acer on 0870 853 1000.

30-Dec-2010 tim: I need a netbook to take notes at uni. Does this come with a word processor so i can transfer my notes to my laptop which has windows 7 installed with microsoft office.

simon: Linux comes wth a word processing, spreadsheet and presentation packages that is very similar to MS Office.

31-Dec-2010 Matt: is the os Linpus Linux Lite 1.4?

simon: Doesn't say what version of Linpus Linux Lite anywhere. If you can Acer on 0871 760 1000 they can confirm it.

13-Jan-2011 paul: is the laptop brand new and how long is the battery life and is the internet fast. how wide is the laptop is it thin or wide

vicki: The laptop is not brand new although is in pristine condition. Dependent on settings the battery should last approx 4 - 5 hours. Internet will be fast depending on service provider and yes this laptop is relatively slim although not the slimest.

13-Jan-2011 paul: can you go on any website and does it include Microsoft word or anything like it

vicki: yes you can go on any websites. Microsoft office is only a 90 day trial before an activation key is required. This can be purchased from ourselves for £79.97

17-Jan-2011 Paula: Can I install windows?

vicki : Due to the lack of hardrive space you would not be able to install Microsoft Windows on these units.

20-Jan-2011 Russell: does this netbook have wifi?

vicki: all netbooks have wifi as standard.

21-Jan-2011 Harry: Are the colours random or will the product be as pictured?

simon: You get what is pictured. Diferent colours would be list seperatly.

24-Jan-2011 Arron: If i where to install a larger HDD in this laptop would i be able to install windows 7 on it?

simon: It would make more sense to look at laptops with Windows 7 and a larger hard drive. Windows 7 would cost £82.00 but can't advise you on hard drive costs as we only sell off the shelf products.

25-Jan-2011 liam: is it any good for games like football manager 2011?

simon: No, it wouldn't support those kind of games.

29-Jan-2011 Scott: Why do you not guarantee that the Operating System will work?

vicki: the current operating system should work fine. We would strongly suggest giving us a call for operating system upgrades/downgrades.

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