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Acer Ferrari One 201 Windows 7 Netbook - LX.FRC02.005

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Acer Direct regret that this product is sold out. Please call our sales team on 0871 984 4414 for an equivalent model.

As the name suggests, the Acer Ferrari One is a Ferrari of the netbook world. If you want a machine designed to be fast, fun and good looking then this is the netbook to have in your garage.

The first thing you and everyone else will notice about the Ferrari is its looks. Whilst navigating the countryside in a supercar might be beyond your means, navigating the net in similar style definitely isn’t. If you want to turn heads then this is the only netbook for you.

It hasn’t just been designed with beauty in mind though, because it’s superbly practical too. The crystal-clear 11.6” screen is slightly larger than you’ll usually find in a netbook, giving you amazing visuals without compromising on mobility. That slight increase in size has allowed Acer to fit the Ferrari with a keyboard whose keys are actually larger than those on a standard desktop keyboard too, so you’ll be able to talk to friends and surf faster than ever before.

Everyone knows the key part of any Ferrari is under the bonnet. The Acer Ferrari is driven by a seriously powerful AMD Athlon X2 processor, as opposed to the standard Intel Atom, alongside 2GB RAM, putting it streets ahead of any other netbook out there in terms of performance. You won’t have to put your foot on the accelerator, because the Ferrari One always runs at top speed.

Like its namesake, the Acer Ferrari One not only stands out from the crowd, it powers ahead of it. If you want the ultimate in netbook technology then this machine will put you in the driving seat.

  • Screen size - 11.6 in - 1366 x 768
  • Processor - AMD Athlon 64 X2 L310 - 1.2 GHz
  • RAM - 2 GB
  • 250 GB Hard Drive
  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Optical Drive - None
  • Webcam - 3
  • Warranty - 1 year warranty

Comments, Questions and Answers

Expand/CollapseGeneral Feedback

22-Oct-2009 Arun: can you please list the configuration for this Product ? Acer Ferrari One 201 Laptop

SteveK: This product is so new that the manufacturers have not released the full spec yet, keep an eye on http://www.acer.co.uk

22-Oct-2009 Clinton: Hi Just wanted to query if the specs on the product summary page are right...For the video card you have `Graphics: Intel UMA Graphics`, but most review sites on the net state that the Acer Ferrari One has the intergated Radeon HD 3200 chipset? Clarification on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

SteveK: Well spotted, I have updated the web site with this information. ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3200

23-Oct-2009 Steve B: Does this netbook have wireless capability?

Tom: Yes it does. All our laptops and netbooks come with wireless capabilities.

23-Oct-2009 Rod: just want to ask. does it have a blu ray disc player or even a dvd disc player? is it included in the package?

SteveK: Nothing

26-Oct-2009 Xav: Given the processor in this machine is this the 32bit or 64bit version of Windows 7 installed?

Tom: This is a 64-bit version of Windows 7.

26-Oct-2009 waleed: hi there i was wandering if this laptop played games? Like wow or call of duty?

SteveK: No its not got that much video processing power, which you need for these games. Look for one with over 250mb video memory.

28-Oct-2009 rk: can you please provide the brand and model of the wireless card on the laptop ?

SteveK: I have sent you a detailed Spec, I hope this answers all your questions, as a foot note they are selling well and getting great reviews.

29-Oct-2009 Gabriel: On the description of this laptop appears that it has an optical drive. is this correct?

SteveK: There is no optical drive on this machine (See photos), I have asked our web team to correct the description, thank you for letting us know.

1-Nov-2009 Joan D: what is the battery life for the Acer Ferrari One

SteveK: * ACPI 3.0 CPU power management standard: supports Standby and Hibernation power-saving modes * 64 W 6-cell Li-ion battery pack * Up to 4 hours batery life * 3-pin 65 W AC adapter * ENERGY STAR

2-Nov-2009 LukeC: This model does not have bluetooth built in right??

Tom: No it doesn't.

3-Nov-2009 omi: Suppose incase we have to format the windows how do we do that? Also are there other variations of Ferrari one considering diffrent configurations?

SteveK: No will need to order a recovery disk at time of purchase.

3-Nov-2009 RhYs: whats the diffrence to the 200 model and the 201model plz reply

SteveK: We don't sell the 200, so not 100% sure. Sorry

7-Nov-2009 xman: Build In Microphone?

SteveK: Sold out at the moment

8-Nov-2009 excelsius: hello - how can I playback dvd films or load programs if this doesn't have dvd/cd writer drive etc.vthanx

SteveK: You'll need an external drive.

16-Nov-2009 Jeffrey: is this product back in stock ?

SteveK: Not yet join the ever growing queue, or contact sales and pre-order

25-Nov-2009 dhar: I was wondering if i can get bluetooth with this product

SteveK: You will need to buy a dongle with this device.

8-Dec-2009 CK: it says theres no bluetooth but on a video i watched it says it does, does it have bluetooth?

SteveK: Not on this model.

17-Dec-2009 galll: Acer Ferrari Windows 7 11.6in Laptop do i need to buy the wirless card for this model or will it just connct to wirless broardband ??

SteveK: Wireless is built in.

30-Dec-2009 NMA: do you have any of the models with bluetooth in them? or is there any way to add bluetooth to this one (an internal module not a USB dongle)

SteveK: Not this model, sorry.

13-Jan-2010 Christian: Does the Ferrari one have a webcam & microphone? This is a for a 10 year old, is it a suitable Laptop for his age?

SteveK: Yes ,Yes and Yes it will be perfect. Just a note of warning these do not have CD players but external ones can be purchased.

17-Jan-2010 Dave: The Acer website doesn't give the spec for the webcam. What resolution is it ?

SteveK: 0.3Mpx

22-Mar-2010 George: Does this model have a HDMI port...

SteveK: No

20-Dec-2010 Bashir: Your website states sold out. Will you be getting more Ferrari One notebooks in for 2011 ?

simon: This item will not be coming back in to stock.

12-Feb-2011 Driver: What trial version of Microsoft Office is installed?

Vicki: Home and student 2010. Full version can be purchased from ourselves for £79.97

Pay over 10 months
A easy and simple way of spreading the cost of your purchase over 10 months. After making an initial 10% deposit of 42.49, you will then make 10 equal monthly payments of 42.49 at 26.3% APR. For the Acer Ferrari One 201 Windows 7 Netbook that you have selected, this would work out as:
APR 26.3%
Cost of Product £414.97
Typical Delivery Charge £9.95
Total Normal Cash Price £424.92
Initial 10% deposit £42.49
Administration Charges £0.00
Loan Amount £382.43
Charge for Credit £42.49
Balance Payable £424.90
Total amount payable £467.39
10 monthly repayments of £42.49

Pay over 36 months
An easy and simple way of spreading the cost of your purchase over 36 months. After making an initial 10% deposit of £42.49, you will then make 36 equal monthly payments of £13.89 at 19.9% APR. For the Acer Ferrari One 201 Windows 7 Netbook that you have selected, this would work out as:
APR 19.9%
Cost of Product £414.97
Typical Delivery Charge £9.95
Total Normal Cash Price £424.92
Initial 10% deposit £42.49
Administration Charges £0.00
Loan Amount £382.43
Charge for Credit £117.57
Balance Payable £500.00
Total amount payable £542.49
36 monthly repayments of £13.89

*Note: When calculating the 10% deposit, the amount you pay may be slightly more than 10% as the figure is adjusted to give rounded loan amounts

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