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Acer Laptops have grown to be among some of the most popular laptop computers currently available in the notebook market. The success of these laptops is largely down to Acer's competitive notebook pricing, excellent laptop build quality and the inclusion of cutting edge laptop technology, ensuring Acer laptops are prominently poised as one of the UK's most popular laptop brands.

Acer Notebooks are the number one UK reseller for Acer Laptop Computers. Acer entered the mobile computing market in 2000 with a range of Acer laptop models and has now grown to be one of the 5 leading laptop manufacturers in the world. Acer laptop computers are renowned for good build quality, stylish design and competitive pricing - a policy which has triggered this meteoric rise. The Acer laptop range encompasses Acer Aspire laptops, Acer TravelMate laptops and Acer Ferrari laptops. Acer have one of the broadest laptop ranges around and the Acer Aspire, Acer TravelMate and Acer Ferrari laptop ranges are set to ensure that Acer laptops remain among the most popular laptops around.


Practical Home Use

The Acer Aspire range have been designed with the style conscious home user in mind. Offering a range of different specifications , screen sizes from 15.6” to 17.3”, and with a variety of price points dependant on your budget. As well as built in wireless technology and Intel processors for performance, look out or other features such as Bluetooth, webcams and card readers that make it even easier to share digital content.

We know that buying a laptop can be confusing so please remember - unlike other web shops, we encourage you to call us for expert laptop advice.

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Acer Aspire Ultrabook, It′s not what you think. It′s better.

The Groundbreaking Acer Aspire range of Ultrabook features superior visuals, Ultra powerful Intel Core processors and instant on performance.

This range of Ultrabook from Acer are fabulous for creating and enjoying image-rich content, playing killer games or watching the best movies wherever you go.

Why not get your hands on the very latest in notebook technology and check out the Ultra-Slim, Ultra-Light & Ultra- Smart Acer Aspire Ultrabook

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Ideal Business Companion

The Acer TravelMate Laptop Series features laptops geared towards the business person or professional laptop user. The laptops boast reliable Intel processors throughout, and business laptop users will find excellent networking options across all TravelMate Laptops.

We know that buying a laptop can be confusing so please remember - unlike other web shops, we encourage you to call us for expert laptop advice.

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The Packard Bell EasyNote Series delivers a wide range of smart notebook solutions and fantastic style that you can call your own. Easy usability and maximized features for all-around digital enjoyment combine with a chic look and feel. The result is an exciting product that meets modern needs perfectly and reflects expressive personality.

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