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We have a wide variety of products to enhance your computing experience so that you can get the most out of your machine and discover more multimedia features. From a selection of USB TV tuners you can watch Free View TV on your laptop, and with a 5.1 speaker set, you can view DVD Movies in brilliant surround sound.

Our selection of Digital Audio Players means the fun can carry on when on the move, storing masses of music and other files onto a tiny and portable device.


Convert your laptop into a TV

Unlock the power of your laptop and convert it into a TV. There are a range of new and exciting functions that you can undertake by running a TV signal through your laptop, such as capturing video footage, taking digital stills and of course watching ... [more]

Prices from £40.97 inc.VAT Find out more.


Get Video Conferencing on your PC

WebCams often combine the features and functionality of a camera, camcorder and microphone into one compact and cost effective tool. Effective in any number of applications, these lightweight accessories allow you to communicate with the world over ... [more]

Prices from £56.97 inc.VAT Find out more.


Portable and Desktop Audio Systems

A set of external speakers offer higher sound quality and a much more powerful output than built-in laptop speakers so they are the perfect companion for a laptop used for media playback, especially if you use a docking station / port replicator, or ... [more]

Prices from £13.97 inc.VAT Find out more.


Headphones & Headsets

Sometimes you need sound when in a public place, with a wide range of headphones and headsets from such well established brands as Creative Labs, you can experience Music and Film whn on the move.... [more]

Prices from £8.97 inc.VAT Find out more.

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