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Here you'll find all you need to improve the power or enhance your laptop to make it fit around you. We have spare batteries and chargers to TV Tuners and Gaming Accessories.


In today's modern world there's nothing more important than staying in touch, be it with friends and family, or with clients and customers on the other side of the globe.

To help you stay connected we've got a great range of 3G Dongles and Bluetooth Dongles, to make accessing the internet and sharing your files easier and faster than ever before.

Check out our selection of 3G Dongles and Bluetooth Dongles below.

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We have a wide variety of products to enhance your computing experience so that you can get the most out of your machine and discover more multimedia features. From a selection of USB TV tuners you can watch Free View TV on your laptop, and with a 5.1 speaker set, you can view DVD Movies in brilliant surround sound.

Our selection of Digital Audio Players means the fun can carry on when on the move, storing masses of music and other files onto a tiny and portable device.

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Massive range of USB Cable,Toslink Optical Cable, Ethernet and Network Cables at Cable Universe.

Need a Optical Cable for your Home Cinema system, Setting up a home network, then our Ethernet Cables will fit the bill.

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A Range of practical solutions for the home or the office, Acer Docking Stations are a worthy accessory to your Acer Laptop.

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Enhance your gaming experience with one of our essential gaming accessories.

Whether you need a racing wheel or a joystick, we have a gaming accesory to suit you.

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Our vast selection of keyboards and mice enables you to get the right choice for your needs. Whether its USB, Bluetooth, Infrared, wireless or the old classic PS2 connection, we have it to offer you.

Portability may also be a factor in your choice, which is why we present a selection of small travel devices with retractable cords to keep your peripherals neat and tidy.

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Notebook owners should know that it's all too easy to lose a notebook PC if left unattended, and with only a 5% chance of ever seeing it again, its worth thinking about protecting your investment. Carelessness can run into the thousands of pounds and that could just be the laptop! Vital and often irreplaceable data stored on it could include your personal details, work files or sensitive documents such as bank details.

To help combat crime of this kind, we have a range of notebook security solutions that are designed to reduce the risk of opportunistic theft by securing your device with heavy duty locks that will reduce the appeal to thieves

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Why shell out stacks of money on a brand new laptop or PC, when you can spend a fraction of the money for the same increase in performance with our components and upgrades.

Whether you need laptop memory or desktop memory we've got something to suit you. With one of our components and upgrades you can transform your old laptop or desktop, and make it more powerful than ever.

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Take control of your digital media with an optical drive.

We stock a great range of optical drives, ranging from Internal Optical Drives for Desktops, to external optical drives and even floppy disk drives.

You can check out our great range of optical drives below.

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From docking stations for extra connectivity to vital hardware security, this is the place to look for all the useful additional peripherals designed to make your life easier and stress free.

This section also contains USB hubs and an array of Belkin Cables enabling a multitude of connection possibilities.

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All these accessories are in near-perfect condition as all have had only light use. Whilst most are in their original boxes, some have been repackaged. Please note that incidental items such as manuals and CD's may occasionally be missing.

Many of the accessories are current models and are as new, but giving you huge savings!

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  • Via a Wireless Access Point or Wireless Router
  • Via a wireless hotspot
  • Via the mobile phone network

    For home users, a wireless router will enable you to browse the internet from anywhere in your home, meaning you could sit on your home sofa and browse the internet without any cables.

    Increasingly wireless hotspots are becoming available in public areas such as restaurants and cafes where anyone with a wireless equipped laptop can browse the internet safely and securely.

    New GPRS cards allow you to add a wireless card to your laptop meaning that you can truly enjoy wireless internet wherever you are.

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