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The world is wireless, join the revolution

There are various ways to connect your home as one using wireless internet. The starting point is a wireless router.

When setting up a home or office wireless network, the style of wireless router you will require will depend on the way you receive your broadband.

Cable broadband users such as Virgin Media customers will need a cable or DSL Wireless router, where as ADSL customers using an internet service provider connecting through a BT Line will need an ADSL router.

Wireless hotspots are becoming commonly available in public areas such as restaurants and cafes where anyone with a wireless equipped laptop can browse the internet safely and securely.



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Home Entertainment Networking

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Need fast internet access on the move? Have a look at one of our mobile broadband modems.

Broadband dongles are a mobile internet. Either using a USB stick, wireless connection or a dongle, you will be able to connect to the internet anywhere you are and anytime you want.

Broadband dongles are also known as USB Modem, mobile modems or wireless modems.

Use the latest in technology to make sure you stay connected on the move with a Mobile Broadband modem.

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Networking adaptors connects any desktop PC or laptop to your home network and the Internet. Most laptops and desktops now come with wireless connectivity inbuilt but depending on your needs you can expand your wireless reach, connect your laptop or desktop to the Internet or create a bluetooth connection.

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