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Essential Set Up Service & 10 Point System Check For Your Laptop - PREDELIV

Essential Set Up Service & 10 Point System Check For Your Laptop

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Essential Set Up Service & 10 Point System Check For Your Laptop
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Setting up a laptop can be stressful, so we'll do it for you

Setting up a new computer can be tricky and very time consuming, even for those with plenty of experience using one. That's why our expert technicians can do the job for you, giving you total peace of mind.

We can perform all critical updates for your laptop and install any software you've ordered with it, saving you hours, or even days, of rather dull work.

Our 10 point check ensures your laptop is in full working order with no faults or dead pixels. We think this is really important as most manufacturers don't consider a dead pixel to be a fault so it saves you a costly return.

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Boot Up & Critical Updates ✔

Boot up following the full set up process and installation of any critical drivers or updates making sure your laptop is fully up to date. This process can take up to a day when done at home.

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Display Check ✔

Full screen check to guarantee there are no dead or permanently lit pixels. This is very important as manufacturers do not class dead or lit pixels as a fault so they're not covered by the warranty.

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Software & Driver Install ✔

We'll install any software you've ordered along with your laptop such as Microsoft Office or Anti-Virus. Office 2013 or 365 cannot be installed onto your new laptop as a Windows live login is needed.

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Wireless Connection Check ✔

We access a wireless connection for at least one hour to make sure a full internet connection can be established and maintained.

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Audio Check ✔

Various sound checks are made to make sure all speakers and audio ranges are working and audible.

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Keyboard & Touchpad Check ✔

Each key is checked to ensure full usability. Full touch pad check including double tap and button clicks.

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Hardware Setup ✔

We'll install the software and drivers for any hardware you've ordered. So if you've bought a printer you'll be able to plug in and go.

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Overall rating
Scores 8.1 out of 10 based on 47 reviews
4 out of 10


Hallmark GB
This is a lovely comfortable to use nice looking laptop
I have loads of problems from the start and customer service, although very fast with pick up and return only seem to pick one thing to write down for repair and don't seem to listen and take note of the overall problem. I have been very patient and given lots of time and effort to sorting out the problems and from my own investigations from forums with similar problems I need a new mother board but no notice is being taken of me. I think I have just got one of a bad batch and if it was fixed it would be a super laptop and I would risk buying another.
Confirmed purchase: 29 August 2014
Published on: 16 May 2015
9 out of 10


Oxford GB
jobs done for me
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: 10 December 2013
Published on: 11 January 2014
1 out of 10


Lincs GB
well I supose it saves a return
Screws up your set-up, my computer is now labelled "user" which is irritating, and completely stripping it to rename it is too much hassle.

I did uncheck this option, and still got (charged for) it
Confirmed purchase: 30 July 2013
Published on: 22 August 2013

Comments, Questions and Answers

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16-Apr-2007 jak: so you mean if we dont pay for this we will have a dodgy screen

buyitdirect: No, sometimes TFT screens have a dead pixel or two. This is not classed as a fault by the manufacturer, so you wouldnt be able to return it as faulty. This makes sure that you dont receive a machine with any dead pixels.

19-Apr-2007 Scooter: how many dead pixels do you have to have before this is classed as a fault

buyitdirect: If you take a pre delivery inspection, the laptop will be delivered with no dead pixels.

20-Apr-2007 vm: so does this not come under the 1 year warrenty, if anything would be faulty, wouldn't it be covered by that to fix it?

buyitdirect: Any fault is still covered under warranty, although dead / permanently lit pixels are not classed as a fault by the manufacturers unless there are a lot of them. This product will ensure that you dont receive any dead pixels at all.

15-May-2007 Frank: when you install and update software, is it possibly to wipe this and start again? pre-delivery inspection is great to make sure it works, but why not just leave it at that. i dont particularly want people installing stuff on there and configuring it, thats stuff i want to do myself. examine the hardware for me by all means and make sure it works, but i want my laptop delivered to me as it has just left the factory - not had software tampering before i even get it.

buyitdirect: Hi, Software would only be installed and configured if it was something you had ordered alongside the the laptop, such as AntiVirus or Office. We would not put anything else on there.

17-May-2007 Geoff: If I don't pay for the pre delivery inspection does that mean I'm more likely than average to get a screen with a dead pixel as I'm assuming the dead pixel ones go back into your stock for those who haven't paid? In which case by not paying for an inspection I'm effectively being penalised with a higher then average chance of getting dead pixels.....?

buyitdirect: We wouldnt put them back into stock as new, so you have no greater chance of buying a machine with a dead pixel if you don't pay for an inspection. The inspection just eliminates that risk altogether.

18-May-2007 GO: Surely this means then that you also cannot return to the manufacturers any screens with one or two dead pixels. Any that you find whilst conducting the pre-delivery check for customers would not be sent to that customer, returned to manufacturers or destroyed. Therefore if you do not have the pre-delivery inspection you are probably likely to end up with one of these machines with dead pixels. If you cannot assure me you have an alternative exit for these machines (rather than sending to customers opting out of the pre-delivery check) I do not feel confident ordering from you. Thanks.

buyitdirect: The manufacturers have no obligation to accept them back from us, but we have good relationships with all of them so it's never a problem.

23-May-2007 Sandeep: How do you check the dead pixels in the screen? if I have to check myself how can I confirm that I don't have any dead pixels even after the pre delivery inspection.

buyitdirect: A dead pixel will be immediately noticeable when you turn on the laptop as it will appear as an always on or off dot.

27-May-2007 Sandy: I assume since there is still a possibility (for consumers) to return the goods withing 7 days, anyone can check the laptop for dead pixels themselves, simply by turning it on.

buyitdirect: Yes, although they are often only visible under specific bright colours and can be hard to see until you know where they are. Many people dont realise they have them for a long time.

15-Jul-2007 Paul: Can i customize the specifications of the laptop, for instance a higher speed hard disk from a 5400 to a 7200 rpm?

buyitdirect: It is not possible to change the spindle speed on a hard disc. If you need faster disc access perhaps for video editing an external USB hard drive may be the best option.

15-Jul-2007 dawn: Are these laptops reconditioned or new?

buyitdirect: With the exception of Factory Outlet notebooks all laptops on the website are new, UK localized stock.

13-Aug-2007 Mark: I am interested in a laptop that comes pre-installed with Vista, is it possible for you to install XP Pro on it instead?

buyitdirect: Please contact the sales team to discuss downgrading Vista to XP on any laptop.

25-Nov-2007 invisiblebloke: I quite like the idea of a pre inspection service. Having had the hassle of buying a monitor with 5 dead pixels and one lit and not getting anywhere with the manufacturers (or retailer), the relatively small extra is worth it. Laptopsdirect is a strong contender for my money at the moment. Haven't quite decided on the model yet though.

buyitdirect: Thanks for your comment!

17-Mar-2008 Buyer: Would you install extra memory if purchased.

buyitdirect: Please call us to discuss your upgrade requirements.

5-May-2008 Footage: I'm considering buying a Sony Vaio FZ312 - is the display suppied as a CLass 1 display according to ISO 13406-2?

buyitdirect: No, as with most laptop manufacturers, Sony class their laptops as Class II. If you want to guarantee a perfect display, you could purchase the pre-delivery inspection (it was made for this purpose).

8-May-2008 Nikiboy: I've ordered the predelivery inspection and I believe it's worth it for the peace of mind you get. Even the smallest chance of getting a laptop with a dead or stuck pixel is enough for me to warrant this. I have another lcd screen that has dead pixels/stuck pixels and that really annoys me knowing it is there. I am not getting any other thing installed with the prechecks as I have all the software I need bought before the laptop comes. I'm looking forward to receiving my laptop knowing that the screen will be fine. Thanks Laptops Direct for offering this service. For all those who are put off from buying, you will have this same problem anywhere else you buy a laptop from. There will be a slight chance your screens will have dead/stuck pixels. Of course if you don't want this precheck then it's up-to-you, no one is forcing you to.

buyitdirect: Thank you, this is primarily why we introduced this service.

7-Jun-2008 wilen: I was just about to purchase two Aspire 2920Z`s from you until I spotted this "dead pixel" baloney. Do you seriously expect me - and any other purchaser - to believe that respected companies like ACER make no checks on their new machines for dead pixels, before releasing them to retailers? Pull the other one! Even if the odd one did slip through, it`s the manufacturers liability - they made the damn things! Almost 10% of the purchase price extra, just to check that there are no faults with a brand new product? I think I`ve heard it all now! I will purchase from you provided that I have a categorical assurance that ANY fault will be covered in full by the warranty.

buyitdirect: A dead pixel is not classed a fault by the manufacturer unless there are a certain number of them, which varies between between different companies. Even today, a percentage of brand new LCD screens out of the box still carry dead pixels. It's very rare to see more than one or two on the same screen.

9-Jun-2008 wilen: Okay, so I pay my £40 for a dead pixel check. I assume that you then check the machines you have, to find one with no DP`s, then send it on. What EXACTLY happens to those that YOU find that have DP`s less than the warranty limit? You said earlier that there`s no chance of one of these being sent to a customer who doesn`t take up the pre inspection offer. Do you send these back to the makers for repair, or do you repair them yourself?

buyitdirect: Our close relationships with all the manufacturers that we list ensures that we are able to get them replaced, where the end user would struggle due to the fact that they are not usually classed as faulty under these circumstances.

23-Jul-2008 delilah: Hi, once you've conducted the check, do you reseal the laptop carefully in its packaging so that it looks brand new on arrival? it's just that I'm thinking of ordering a laptop as a birthday present and I don't want the recipient to think I've bought her something used/opened. Not to be awkward, but wouldn't it be easy for a shop to sell a refurbished/open box laptop under the guise of a pre-delivery inspection?

buyitdirect: Once the pre delivery inspection has been done you would be able to tell that the box had been opened. If the box has been opened it is still classed as a brand new product, the seal will generally say something like "check box contents if seal broken". It would not be possible for us to sell a refurbished unit in this way because the serial number would be registered as refurbished with the manufacturer. Any refurbished units, or ones that have been removed from their box for display purposes as opposed to pre delivery inspections always go into our box opened bargains section.

14-Aug-2008 Chrishutch2008: Hi I personally would not buy this as I did. My new £1200 laptop (less than two months old) had a faulty main board which was not picked up by the inspection and I am now told I will have to send it back to ACER.

buyitdirect: We are sorry to hear this, however a motherboard failure is not something that could possibly be picked up on by any inspection if it boots up properly and works well at the time (assuming it did). Fortunately that's what the warranty is for, and Acer will replace it for you with a brand new one. Best of luck.

1-Nov-2008 Dan: Hi, I am considering buying the SONY VAIO AR71M from you as a Christmas present for my fiancée. Could you please detail what steps and tests the dead pixel check includes (For the more technically aware of us out there)? I assume the distance selling regulations still apply even if you take up the PDI check? Also, is the restore disc that is added to the cart something I could make myself from the software provided with the laptop?

Matt: The dead pixel check will make sure that the machine you receive has no dead pixels at all, as sometimes these will not be classed as a fault by the manufacturer. This does NOT mean that customers who don't order a pre-delivery inspection are more likely to receive a machine with dead pixels, as we do not return any that do have dead pixels to the main stock. The distance selling regulations do still apply and are unafected. The restore disc is something you can create yourself once you receive it if you wish, as the restore data will come on a hard drive partition these days.

14-Dec-2008 hamfist: Is it part of the pre-delivery service for the hard drive to be partitioned? This is something which would interest me.

SteveF: Please give our sales team a call and they'll check on that for you.

9-Jan-2009 Patrick: Are you also checking for CPU whine? If so then I would order it with my laptop. The only thing I am worried about is the display and the CPU whining/ loud fan. I dont care so much about the software!

SteveF: No we don't check for CPU whine as this is not something you can do anything about. If you care about the display though, get a predel done as we do include a dead pixel check.

12-Jan-2009 Patrick: I assume in this 39 pounds is also LCD flickering test included? Many thanks

SteveF: Yes it is.

14-Jan-2009 sarah: Hi, do you send a report/list to state what has been inspected? And are the engineers careful when handling the product? I want to use the service but worried that bits and bobs may go missing. Thanks in advance.

SteveF: Its a set up and check that we do so there will be no bits and bobs floating about. The tech team who do the set ups are experienced guys who've been doing this for 5 years or more and the pre delivery also means if anything does go wrong when you receive it, we'll collect it, get a new model out and do the same inspection for you.

28-Jan-2009 Phil: Hi Concerned and confused ref dead pixels, I don't want a machine with dead pixels, two questions. 1. If I buy pre delivery inspection does this give 12 months guarantee against dead pixels or just that it is ok on sale. 2. If I take the risk and find any dead pixels on taking out of box can I return within seven days under distance selling reg's, what are your restocking charges etc.

SteveF: if there si less than 5 dead pixels, the manufacturors will not accept it back as a fault. So if you want to return the laptop because of that it will be returned as un-wanted. Please give our customer services a call for re-stock prices. if you take the pre del inspection, we will check the pixels and replace the machine if any are dead. This gives a full return policy for seven days if any hard ware faults are picked, we will collect, replace and conduct the same pre del inspection on the new laptop.

29-Jan-2009 IT: Just a comment really, i was actually considering buying until i saw this option Yes option ? I really do not expect to have to pay extra for a product i wish to buy new to be checked that it is working and in good condition I still sit here in disbelief at the cheek of your company, whatever marketeer came up with this idea would be better in a different role, May i suggest warehouse dispatch regards Daren

SteveF: We buy the boxes sealed from the manufacturer as we are just a reseller. If anything goes wrong then its down to the manufacturer of that product. We offer the service for a fee because once the box is opened, it cannot be sold as new. If we did not charge for this service and did this to every laptop there would be many problems and costs, so we offer it as an optional service at a cost to cover our costs.

9-Mar-2009 Lee: Hi, I'm considering purchasing a Sony Vaio FW without ANY additional software. If I do purchase the laptop I will almost certainly take the offer of the pre-inspection as a precaution. However... Will any alterations/updates be made to the operating system (Vista 64-bit) or will it be left as is? Also, how gentle are your technicians during the pre-inspection process as my fear is that the laptop I receive will have fingerprints (galore) all over the screen? *laughs* - Regards

SteveF: The guys we have conducting the PD are training technicians working in a clean computer friendly environment who have been doing pre-delivery inspections for a few years now. The OS has the updates done for you, which can take a couple of hours but nothing else.

10-Mar-2009 Jamshid: well I want to get it right and I want to buy it but , please tell me how often you do get dead pixel on sony viao for example out of 10 you get ? , 2, why sony will accept returns from you but not us? 3, can I really trust this service that i am not going to recieve the faulty repaired one ?

SteveF: Sorry we have no figures on Sony dead pixels. Sony's return policy on pixels is the same as everyone else, which means that unless there is less than 5, its not classed as a fault. The service is conducted on new units as selling refurbished laptops as new is illegal.

20-Apr-2009 murtaza: not a question but comment,,, if there are any expected faults it should be reflected in price, if consumer is paying asking price in full he should recieve laptop in condition as advertised on site,, and i did not see any laptop on this web site which says " comes with few dead pixels" , each one of them is advertised as brand new and in perfect working condition

SteveF: Dead pixels are a problem with some new laptops and the manufacturers generally have a limit of 5 before they will accept the laptop back as a warranty claim. Part of the pre delivery set up checks for them and we will exchange if even one is found. As the manufacturers will not take them back from us either, we must then sell the product at a loss with full details of the fault.

21-Jan-2011 Zac: I am a bit confused. I want to purchase the Aser Aspire 5742-5464 and it should already have Windows 7 Home Premium installed on it. If you don't buy this service then do i have to install my own operating system and COMPLETELY set it up myself, or does it come with all the software stated already installed?

simon: The operating system is partially installed on any computer, but it would need to be taken through the final step of installation. Such as setting the localisation and updating the operating system through the Internet, as Microsoft are always doing updates and so are Acer from when the laptop was manufactured which could of been several months ago. Full details of the pre-delivery inspection are on the site.

2-Feb-2013 martin: hi do i need to buy this product or could i set up the laptop myself using the instuctions in the manual and are all of the components essembled already for me to set up myself

ryan: this is not something that you have to buy but it is recommended, as we do a full hardware check, including checking the screen for any dead or missing pixels, we would then put the computer through a full stress test, and then do all windows updates etc, and set up a generic account for you so when it comes out it is just turn on and go

Expand/CollapseBuying Advice

28-Oct-2007 xerardo: It seems to me that if i buy a laptop, i should assume that everything is working to order. Why should i pay to have the laptop checked out that should be something. I was about to order from you but his put me off. It wasn't just the screen but the battery and other component too. This should be done by standard.

buyitdirect: We offer this service as a piece of mind to a user and to reduce the number of machines sent out with dead pixels. The pre-delivery inspection allows us to look over your laptop before it is sent out. The laptop is still covered by the manufacturers warranty however most manufacturers do not consider a single dead pixel a fault and so will not replace your laptop for this and so this product ensures you will not receive a dead pixel. Also this allows us to look at software bought alongside your laptop will be installed and configured ready to use straight out of the box.

1-Nov-2007 Gizmo: In regards to the dead pixels would it not be wise to inform customers of how many dead pixels a laptop must have before a manufacturer classes it as faulty, above you mentioned quite a lot, Sony's standard is 7 dead pixels for example, and that its near impossible to see the dead pixel

buyitdirect: As different manufacturers have different fault tolerances so the numbers would not be the same for each manufacturer.

5-Nov-2007 Forthriot: How can laptopsdirect.co.uk switch on a laptop and glance at the screen for only £39.95? How are your prices so low? I was going to buy a laptop from you but I don't think that this business model is sustainable, and that you are losing money on this.

buyitdirect: The pre-delivery inspection tests screens using testing methods that identifies dead pixels on a screen. The inspection also allows us to install any operating system updates from the operating system manufacturer. We also use this opportunity to install any software you have purchased along side your machine so that you don't have to and so it all ready to use straight out of the box.

4-Dec-2007 Sigh-co: Is the dead pixels a regular occurance with new machines? What sort of percentage do you find this fault with?

buyitdirect: Dead pixels do occur occasionally, however i couldnt give a percentage.

7-Dec-2007 Herman: Hi, I'm thinking of buying a Sony VAIO VGN-SZ61WN/C. I have read that some of the SZ series have a fault where the screen has a yellow tint all accross the screen when the screen is set to different brightness settings (sometimes only viewable on the lowest brightness setting with a white background). Do you check for this also? Or do you only check for dead pixels?

buyitdirect: This will also check for this problem.

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