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Office 365

So you’re heading to University. It’s going to be exciting and terrifying in equal measure; you’re going to be meeting loads of new people, living in new surroundings and maybe doing a bit of work along the way. Living at home you’ll probably have been using the family computer, but now you’re gaining independence from the house it’s time to gain independence from the desktop too with a new laptop or netbook.

You won’t necessarily know it yet but trust us when we say that owning a laptop or netbook at university is essential. At University your laptop is the centre of your work life and most importantly (ahem) your social life. When you’re not with your friends in person you’ll be going online and talking to them there instead, organising your next big night out or trying to find out if you actually had anything to do for that seminar tomorrow.

If you’re living away from home a new laptop is also the best way of keeping in touch with all your old mates, and maybe your parents too if they ask nicely. Essentially, your laptop is going to be your work and entertainment hub; when it’s not sat on your desk in your room as you browse Facebook it’ll be up at the library with you as you work on that last minute essay. Of course, what you want from your new laptop depends on your budget and what you’re going to be using it for. To help you decide, we’ve put together a collection of some of our best value laptop deals, so you can be sure your Uni life gets off to a great start.

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