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Acer Aspire 5920G Gemstone Laptop

(LX.AGS0X.015) Quick Find: 129965
Acer Aspire 5920G Gemstone Laptop
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With Acer's new style glossy black curved lid and sleek white interior a new era in laptop design has begun! This powerhouse of a laptop features the new mighty Core 2 Duo Santa Rosa processor and 2GB of RAM making it stunningly fast. It will power through anything you throw at it! This combined with a whopping 256MB dedicated Graphics Card giving you a machine capable of playing all the latest games, editing your photos and images and creating designs with programs like Photoshop.With a huge Hard Disk you also get all the space you need for storing music and film downloads, photos, game files and all your personal documents.

  • Hard Drive: 160GB Hard Disk
  • Screen: 15.4" Widescreen TFT (1280x800 - 16:10) with CrystalBrite Technology
  • Optical Drive: DVD Re-writer (DVD±RW Super Multi Double Layer)
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT with 1GB of TurboCache memory - ideal for playing the latest games!
  • Wireless LAN: 802.11a/b/g/n - Wireless Internet Connection
  • Battery Life (Depending on Use): 3.5 hours 8 Cell Lithium Ion Battery
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Warranty: 1 Year Collect and Return (Europe-wide)- Upgradeable to 3 Years for only £49 - Call for details!
  • Operating System: New Windows Vista Home Premium
  • 1GB of Intel Turbo Memory
  • Built-in 0.3Mp CrystalEye Web Camera
  • Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000
  • HDMI port with HDCP
  • 5-in-1 card reader
    • 15.4" - 1280 x 800 Screen
    • T7300 Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 - 2.0 GHz Processor
    • 2 GB RAM
      - We have great deals on memory upgrades, if you need more RAM please call our sales team on 0871 971 0005
    • Intel GMA GB Hard Drive
    • Windows Vista Home Premium Operating System
    • DVD±RW (+R double layer) / DVD-RAM Optical Drive
    • NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT Graphics
    • 3 Webcam
    • 1 year warranty

    Customer Questions and Answers

    09/03/2010 samuel: I see the laptop has a HDMI port, does this allow for HDMI input ?

    SteveK: Input only

    22/10/2007 jurc: "stock: 6-10"
    and below are written
    "This model has now been replaced by 2 versions - the Acer Aspire 5920G and the Acer Aspire 5920G (with HD-Drive)."

    Is that laptop in stock? (LX.AGS0X.015 version)

    Easycom: This laptop is still in stock, however it has been replaced by two other versions and so this laptop will remain available until existing stock has sold through

    09/09/2007 Andrew G.: Hi, sorry if this has been asked before, but can you tell me the processor Cache (in MB), the processor Bus (in MHz) & the processor clock speed (in GHz)?? how does this compare to the Aspire 7720 and how might their differing (assuming there is one) abilities affect the graphics, speed etc of the laptops?

    Easycom: The T7300 processor has a 2GHz clock speed, 800mhz bus speed, and 4mb L2 cache.

    06/09/2007 Philippe: Hi - what is exactly the difference between the two Acer 5920G: the LX.AGS0X.015 and the LX.AGW0X.169? What is your recommandation? Many thanks

    Easycom: The only difference is this one has Turbo memory, the other one has Bluetooth.

    06/09/2007 pcs: My desktop is XP. Will settting up a wireless network with a Vista laptop be straightforward XP type operation?

    Easycom: It should be even easier with Vista.

    05/09/2007 LYH: Is there anyway on making the battery life longer? Like a different battery or something? To make the laptop last more than 3.5 hours using additional hardware bought here or elsewhere?

    Easycom: You could buy another battery for it.

    04/09/2007 ALEX D: how many fans are in the notebook , and if use it under full load (playing games) for a long time (for example 4 hours), will it work normally , won,t it shut down automaticaly?

    Easycom: It shouldnt overhead as long as the ambient temperature is not too hot and it has a fresh air supply to the vents.

    03/09/2007 Linda: could you explain how the partitioning works please. i currently have an Acer with a 60GB partitioned drive which drives me mad. I have no wish to repeat the experience, How will the 160GB hard drive look on this machine?

    Easycom: It is partitioned with two drives of roughly equal size.

    02/09/2007 ant: hi im interested in buying this lap top would it be sutibale for streaming internet radio and video. also im new tothis tubo memory is it seperate to the 2gb of ram or does it use that as well. i like to play a lot of football manager 2007 would this run on this lap to

    Easycom: The laptop will be fine for streaming radio and video and is capable of playing all current games.

    02/09/2007 Gunter: I am considering either the 5920G or 7720 model. Whcih would be the best choice for watching DVD's or TV through a tuner? Can you get something like the 5920G with a 17" screen?

    Easycom: Not at the moment, sorry. The 7720 would be best for film and TV due to its larger screen, as long as you dont plan on taking it everywhere with you.

    31/08/2007 owen: brought my laptop arrived on date specified, worked well for 3 days then crashed now cannot start up windows anymore whatever i do, have no idea what to do now

    Easycom: Acer technical support is probably your best bet on 0870 853 1000, hope you get it working again!

    30/08/2007 dj hi: hi
    I'm looking to buy one of these laptops and i'd like to know if they come with or if it possible to add a firewire port for digitizing from a dv camera... and if it is possible to use an external soundcard along with the existing soundcard for performing with programs such as ableton etc... thanks for your help : peace

    Easycom: There is a 4 pin Firewire port that can be used to connect the laptop to a DV camera. An external soundcard could also be connect to either the Firewire port or a USB port.

    26/08/2007 Deepak: Hard Disk Space mentioned on main page is 160GB. In technical specifications it is 120GB. Which one is it?

    Easycom: It is 160GB.

    25/08/2007 Deepak: T7300 Santa Rosa, 2GB DDRII-667Mhz Ram, Geforce 8600M GT - 800 quid. I can easily understand why this is the best selling laptop. I liked everything but the 160 GB hard disk - speed of 5400rpm. Is it possible for you to give a 7200rpm Hard disk instead for an additional price?

    Easycom: Thanks for the review unfortunately a 7200rpm disc is to power intensive and they are a lot more susceptible to damage due to higher spindle speed. If you do need high speed storage perhaps for multi source video editing then you could use a high speed USB drive.

    22/08/2007 Appy Fizz: Is the Curved glossy black lid Scratchless ? Is the Turbo Memory and the Intel Turbo Memory same, and what's the use of this memory ?

    Easycom: Intel Turbo Memory reduces the boot time and makes the computer more responsive I use. The back lid is scratches less and maintains its glossy finish even after sustained handling.

    22/08/2007 Mat: You say 'We also have an alternative 5920G model in stock which is almost identical to this version, it has Bluetooth but no Turbomemory.' Is this the model i am viewing now? Or does this model have both the bluetooth and the turbomemory?

    Easycom: This model has Turbo Mememory but no Bluetooth

    22/08/2007 Sunil: Received mine yesterday. Brilliant product, one of the best laptops I have worked on. Both looks and power of this machine is amazing. Can not recommend enough

    22/08/2007 Baz: Not a question but I'd just like to say this is an incredible laptop for the money. I'm able to play Half-Life 2, FEAR and Advanced Warfighter 2 with the settings on max. and still get good frame rates. Having been an XP user, I can report that Vista works like a dream. I don't think I'll be using my desktop anymore - highly recommended.

    21/08/2007 Olla: will the latop sepcs seem reasnoble in 5 years time?

    Easycom: Technology moves so quickly that a laptop generally remains usable for two to three years after which the availability of new software declines rapidly.

    20/08/2007 Timoteus: Hi there I am thinkin gof buying this for my daughter and I note you say it is DX 10 compatible. I have been told however that the Nvidia 8600M GT graphics card is not DX 10.
    Could you confirm eiher way
    Thank you

    Easycom: The Nvidia 8600M GT is a Direct X 10 card. More information can be found on the Nvidia website at .

    20/08/2007 Andy: Hi, in the technical spec you mention that the wireless lan (N) version is draft? please could you explain what you mean by this


    Easycom: The wireless N standard has not been finalized so this laptop supports the current draft standard and will be upgradeable to the full standard once it is released.

    20/08/2007 Kevin: Can the graphics card be upgraded to the 8600 GTS on this model?

    Easycom: It is not possible to upgrade the graphics card on this laptop.

    20/08/2007 Laurence: How much hard drive space does this product have as the front page lists 160gig and the specification lists 120gig

    Easycom: It is 160GB.

    19/08/2007 Vikram: What is the dedicated memory of the graphics card?

    Easycom: 256MB

    19/08/2007 Nicky: can i install Windows XP to this laptop ? and what about the driver ? is the driver support for windows XP ?

    Easycom: Please contact the sales team to discuss downgrading Vista to XP on this laptop.

    18/08/2007 Kevin: Im interested in this product, could i upgrade the graphic card memory to 512MB??

    Easycom: It is not possible to upgrade the graphics card in this laptop.

    17/08/2007 Euan: Hi, would it ever be possible to upgrade the hard drive to a 7,200 rpm model, either before purchase or by doing it myself? Thanks.

    Easycom: It may be possible to install a 7200 rpm disc though this would significantly impact the battery life of the laptop. If you need a greater level of performance maybe a better option would be to look for a high speed external hard disc.

    17/08/2007 Bill: Which docking station can I use for this laptop

    Easycom: Any of the USB docking stations will work with this laptop.

    16/08/2007 Jamie: does this laptop generate a lot of heat and noise after using it for a long time?? Also, is this laptop caipable of playing flight simulator X on a relitively high graphics setting??? And is the laptop good for portability and mobility like the sony FZ series??? Which would you reccommend the sony FZ or this laptop??
    Thank you very much for your help!!!

    Easycom: This notebook runs cool and quietly even after sustained gaming sessions. The laptop is easy to carry and offers around 3 hours battery life. As for comparing this model against Sony the Aspire does offer more performance and in my opinion better value for money.

    16/08/2007 gaby: does this laptop have a built in webcam??

    Easycom: Yes it does

    16/08/2007 terry: is this laptop powerful enough, to handle high graphics gaming, video editing, and photo editing, and when running on 100% capacity, will it shut down automatically??

    Easycom: This laptop is ideal for movie editing and gaming and will only auto shutdown if it starts to overheat. The only situation that this can occur in is if the vent on the underside of the laptop is blocked.

    15/08/2007 Stephen: IS there 2 different models, one which has the turbo memory and Bluetooth, and one that does not?

    I have researched and saw these:
    Acer Aspire 5920WSMi Laptop - LX.AGS0X.015
    Acer Aspire 5920WSMi Laptop - LX.AGW0X.169

    Is there a device which will allow Bluetooth(if not featured in any model) that would not stick out a USB port, if not what is your advice on a device which is inserted into a USB port.

    Answer Apreciated =)

    Easycom: There are two model this one that includes Turbo Memory but no Bluetooth and the LX.AGW0X.169 which has Bluetooth but no Turbo Memory.

    14/08/2007 Steve: Is it possible to burn the restore partition data onto a disc? And, if it is possible, will the disc act as a normal recovery disc, where it is placed in the disc tray, then the computer, when started, will boot of the disc, allowing the user to re-install windows and so on?

    Easycom: Yes you can burn the partition to a DVD however if you leave the restore partition in place the laptop can be restored much quicker.

    14/08/2007 sebastian: is it a british version of this laptop? Does it have a pound symbol?

    Do you have it in stock with 8cell battery and turbo memory?

    Easycom: the stock we have is UK stock with the pound symbol in the correct place, TurboCache memory and an 8 cell battery.

    13/08/2007 Lectro: How quiet is this laptop? Does the fan run continuously or does it just kick in under heavy load? This is very important to me as I require a quiet machine. Thanks.

    Easycom: The laptop is only nosey when the fan is running at full speed which only happens when the laptop is heavily load for an extended period.

    13/08/2007 david: What software does this come with.

    Easycom: The laptop comes with the operating system listed only.

    12/08/2007 Greg: Will this computer manage to play flightsim 2004 and is it capable of playing flightsim x . Note I do not plan to put them both on together

    Easycom: Yes it will be fine playing those games

    12/08/2007 andyp: Does the built-in wireless networking hardware support WPA-AES encryption? I need this for compatibility with my network. Thanks

    Easycom: Yes it does

    11/08/2007 Joe: If at a later date i wanted to upgrade the graphics card by replacing it, would this be possible?

    Easycom: It is not possible to upgrade the graphics card on any laptop.

    10/08/2007 Troy: 2 quick questions: 1) will the 5 in 1 card reader read Sony Memory Stick PRO DUO type cards?
    2) it looks like Acer have 2 specs for this laptop - one has Bluetooth, but no 1GB TurboMemory, other one has no TurboMemory but comes with Bluetooth - which one specifically are you selling or are you selling both?

    Easycom: The card reader does not support Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo cards. We are currently stocking the Aspire 5920WSMi with 1GB of Turbocache but without Bluetooth. This is the only model that Acer currently have formally released into the UK.

    10/08/2007 Hello: Would this laptop be good for playing and editing music? Also to roughly record music onto without the laptop tending to slow down?

    Easycom: Yes it will be fine

    09/08/2007 Jeffs: What kind of memory does it require presuming I want to upgrade to 4Gb?

    Easycom: It takes speed of 667.

    08/08/2007 Poppy: Is the voltage range as stated at 120/230v? As most laptops are 100v - 240v range.

    Easycom: Yes it is

    08/08/2007 jamesh: Hi There
    I was just wondering which laptop you would consider better at all round performance (i.e for gaming, dvd's and powerful business software). I am looking at both his laptop (ASPIRE 5920WSMi) and the Aspire 9425WSMi.

    Easycom: The 5920WSMi model is slightly faster in booting thanks to the Turbocache memory however the 9425WSMi has a large hard disc which gives you more space to store data and games.

    08/08/2007 dw: could you tell me if there would be any consequences from deleting the restore partition (i presume that is the 4gb partition) and expanding the C: drive in its place? thanks. also what is the other, 10 gb partition for?

    Easycom: I would suggest retaining the restore partition as it offers a quick and easy way to restore the software on the laptop.

    07/08/2007 El Martinez: Two more questions - what about the screen?? Is it good quality, and how does it looks like when You compare it, for example, to Sony Vaio FE31Z Laptop?? And finaly - its portability compares to other laptops in same range price - is it one of the best or one of the worst???

    Easycom: This laptop has a bright vibrant screen which is ideal for gaming and watching movies while limiting the likelihood of inconvenient reflections. This and the sepcfication makes this one of the most popular notebooks at the moment and easily the leader in its current price range.

    07/08/2007 El Martinez: I'm going to buy my first laptop and of course I want it to be a perfect one!:) My budget is up to 850 pounds so my question is - is this Acer model the best laptop which I can get spending this amount of money or is there any better one?? And is it good just for games or is it as well good for studies??

    Easycom: This notebook is one of our most popular models due to its impressive all round performance for both gaming and professional use. This model is also very popular with students which has made it hard to keep up with demand.

    07/08/2007 Alex: does the restore and recovery cd come with this laptop or you have to buy it seperately?

    Easycom: The notebook comes with a restore partition from which you can make a restore disc. This disc can be used to restore the software on the laptop if needed.

    06/08/2007 Adam: Does this laptop come with a VGA out socket?

    Easycom: Yes.

    06/08/2007 martin: I asked this question a week ago, could you please reply as I am waiting to purchase, How does the acer compare with the sony fe 11s for photo and video editing and internet browsing

    Easycom: The Acer model is ideal for movie and picture editing thanks to its dual core Santa Rosa processor. As this notebook also features dedicated Nvidia graphics card and TurboCache memory it is currently my recommend model at this price.

    05/08/2007 Mr. E: I've read that there is an option/version with and inserted HD-DVD drive. Is this true? If so how much extra would it cost? Also how much are the costs for extra RAM to be installed onto the laptop given it's 4GB maximum capacity?

    I've also heard feedback from testers/buyers that certain versions come without a variety of hardware installed (i.e TV-out, Bluetooth) making some of the keyboard buttons useless. Is this true with the version you are selling and if so how many of the hardware options are missing from it compared to a more complete version?

    Easycom: This model comes with dedicated graphics and TurboCache it does not include Bluetooth or an HD drive.

    04/08/2007 Dan: Any chance of getting windows xp instead of vista?

    Easycom: We offer an XP downgrade service.

    04/08/2007 veko: can this laptop be plugged to the tv?

    Easycom: Yes.

    04/08/2007 Andrew: Hi, can you upgrade the RAM in this to 4GB? How much?

    Easycom: The memory can indeed be upgrade to 4GB for current pricing please call the sales team.

    04/08/2007 Jes: Does this laptop come with Norton Internet Security? If it does, is it the full 12 months free version, or 3 months?

    Easycom: It comes with a free 3-month version.

    03/08/2007 Simon: If I were to format the disk and remove the restore partition would that void the warranty?

    Easycom: No the warranty is on the hardware only not the software.

    03/08/2007 Mihael Rabinovich: How long(hours a day) acer aspire 5920 can be used (when plaing games) im asking it because it gets prety worm ?

    Easycom: As long as the underside of the laptop is kept clear the laptop can be used continuously.

    02/08/2007 jill: I am interested in this machine so that my daughter can play her Sims etc on wet days on holiday in the caravan. Obviously these games were bought prior to Vista becoming available, will she be able to run them on this Vista machine??

    Easycom: Some games require updates to run under Vista so the best thing to do is check the appropriate website for the game for any updates.

    02/08/2007 martin m: I am very interested in this laptop. until I read these comments I was thinking of getting the Sony fe 11s,which one would suit my purposes best, I do a lot of photo editing (photoshop cs2) a bit of video editing internet and some games. Your advise would be greatly appreciated,thank you.

    Easycom: I would suggest that the Aspire offers more value for money.

    02/08/2007 Dave: can I transfer files created in xp to vista and will vista work with Office 2003

    Easycom: Yes and Yes

    01/08/2007 Aceaz250: Can i downgrade the laptop to Windows XP myself using my own original disc, or do i have to pay the extra for you guys to do it for me?

    Easycom: You can downgrade the laptop yourself if you have a license available, however downgrading is not supported by the manufacture. If you are going to downgrade to XP you will loose the Direct X 10 support and Turbocache memory so may I suggest looking at the Aspire 9425 as features a large hard disk rather than the TurboCache.

    01/08/2007 Steve D: Whats best value for money? this or the 5633WLMi - LX.AY30X.049

    Easycom: The two notebooks are very different specifications and consequently are suitable for different things. This is reflect in the difference in price between them. Both machine offer excellent value for money though I would suggest that the Aspire 5920 offers the most.

    01/08/2007 Feri: Is it possible to buy this laptop without pre-installed operating system?

    Easycom: This model is only available with the operating system listed above.

    01/08/2007 Jay: What is voltage of the charger for this laptop? 100 -240 volts? Thanks

    Easycom: The charger can run off either 100-240 Volt mains.

    31/07/2007 B.A. Bioinformatics: Did stock not come in on the 30th of July or had the stock already been accounted for by pre-orders

    Easycom: All free stock was taken by pre-orders. We are expecting more stock in as indicated and there is still a limited amount of free stock within that allocation.

    30/07/2007 Al: Is the screen suited to editing photos? Do the colours display accurately?

    Easycom: The screen is ideal for editing pictures and is adjustable to provide color matching.

    29/07/2007 jurajfarkas: Is it possible to get this laptop with another screen then glossy?

    Easycom: The Aspire 5920WSMi is only available with a gloss screen.

    27/07/2007 harvey: hey i am waiting to buy this laptop but i am waiting till some questions have been answered :) i have been trying to get an answer for this for few days please reply. will it handle any game and 3d rendering software on FULL detail/settings? with no problem AT ALL... and will it load applications and multi task brilliantly? and does having turbo memory what will it do? and does it have turbo CACHE? can you explain what the 2 mean please. and is the screen as good as quality as a 17" travelmate screen? does it come with a case? :) sorry its long but please answer all as i am wanting to buy as soon as they arrive in stock thanks

    Easycom: This is one of the most powerful notebooks we have been able to source due to the Santa Rosa processor and high speed dedicated graphics. At the same time its important to remember that you are purchasing a laptop at a stunning price point. The laptop will multitask very well due to the Cored 2 Duo processor and the TurboMemery. The TurboCache helps to lower the power drain of the graphics card which makes the notebook run longer on battery power. The Crystal Brite screen offers vibrant, bright colors which makes it great for watching movies and playing games. As for the graphics issue this notebook offers the best graphics performance currently available at this price.

    27/07/2007 buyer: i am buying either the aspire gemstone or the Acer TravelMate 5625WSMi - Core 2 Duo T7200 2 GHz - 17" TFT -....which is better out of the two for 3d rendering software and gaming and general application loading speeds etc. basicly which is the best thanks. i want a really fast laptop with great graphics that can handle even the most intense games. thanks

    Easycom: The Aspire is a faster notebook as it has TurboMemory, a fast processor and a better graphics which is suitable for gaming and 3D design tasks. The only advantage with the TravelMate is that it comes with Vista Ultimate rather than Vista Home Premium and has Bluetooth built in.

    27/07/2007 Matt: Does this Laptop come with a 6 or 8 cell battery?

    Easycom: The Aspire notebook has a 6 cell battery

    27/07/2007 Alex: I want to buy the this laptop, how much does the delivery to Ireland Cost?

    Easycom: Delivery charges can be found in the FAQ section

    26/07/2007 MS: How many usb ports does this have. I use Photoshop CS2 for lot of photo work. Would you recomend this computer I need lots of ram/storage

    Easycom: The laptop has 2 USB ports and is suitable for Photoshop work and Video editing.

    26/07/2007 M White: I use AOL. Have been advised that although they have AOL Vista ready software a new computer may need a usb modem adaptor to use with a router. (WG511) Is this so?

    Easycom: The notebook has built in wireless as well as an Ethernet and USB so it easy to use with AOL broadband as no other equipment is required.

    25/07/2007 Jacey5: Superb laptop very fast and I approve of the new looks.
    Sound quality is amazing,battery life is good and screen quality is superb.Hot keys are annoying as you gan catch them easily but you can alter the sensitivity of the keys.The only other negative for me is the balance of the laptop as it is heavier towards the back causing it to feel as though it could fall off your lap. To sum up if you want a laptop that looks different from the rest with speed that out performed the Asus Lamborghini gaming laptop then this is the one for you. It also fits in superbly if you are looking for a desktop replacement. Well done Acer! great design.

    25/07/2007 Addi: will this laptop play battlefield 2 at high res?

    Easycom: Yes it will

    25/07/2007 harvey: what is the best acer laptop for 3d rendering software and brilliant gaming and really fast loading application speeds etc? i will use it for studeis and designing om 3d rendering software and play games? thanks

    Easycom: This is the fastest Acer you can get for this sort of money and is blisteringly fast in use especially when loading applications and running AutoCad.

    24/07/2007 Alex: What is 1GB Turbo Memory?

    Easycom: TurboMemory is special NAND memory which saves frequently used data such as applications making the laptop boot up quicker and respond faster as the TurboMemory response time is much lower than a hard drive. This also increase the battery life as the hard disc is not required to spin as often.

    24/07/2007 ED: Bought this laptop on 18/7/07 - arrived the next day. Definitely value for money. Everything as described. Runs games like CSS and WoW on full graphics perfect no lag and good ping.

    just 2 questions tho: 1. Hard drive memory add up to around 130GB, its suppose to have 160GB, is that because of Vista??
    2. When put on sleep mode or when i put the screen down while the comp is running making it go to sleep mode, sometimes the blue lights don't go orange indicating this. and when this happens i cant do anything to resume to desktop etc. it just gives me a blank screen no matter what Fn function i use or pressing power button. Can you let me what i can do about this? And also is there a way to turn off sleep mode when i push the screen down while the laptop is still running?

    Many thx for the item - it is the best value laptop for the quality you can get anywhere.

    Easycom: Thanks for the review, the hard drive space is taken up by Vista and the emergency restore system which makes it quick and easy to restore the laptop. You cannot run the Aspire with the screen closed as the notebook will start to over heat however running Windows Update will resolve the recovery from sleep.

    23/07/2007 the--fates: how many firewire ports does it have?

    Easycom: There is one Firewire port.

    Easycom: There is one firewire port

    23/07/2007 Mike: Does this laptop have the bluetooth module? sorry .. couldn't resist :-) .. anyway .. proper question .. in your opinion is the 5920 worth the extra 150 over the Acer TravelMate 5720G-302G16 - Core 2 Duo T7300 - 15.4amp;quot; TFT - LX.TK30X.033. Thanks.

    Easycom: -good one about the Bluetooth, anyway… The Aspire 5920WSMi notebook has a faster graphics card and an HDMI output which makes it ideal for watching HD web content as well as playing games. The TravelMate is also lacking draft-N wireless. For those reasons I would suggest going for the Aspire model as it also features the new gem stone design.

    23/07/2007 Maverick: Does this product come with a microsoft office?
    I mean I see it says windows vista pre installed however I have tried to use the product key on microsoft office 2007 and it doesnt seem to work

    Easycom: The notebook does not come with Office preinstalled. If you require a copy of Office it can be found in the software section of the site and if you buy it with a notebook you can take advantage of our discounted OEM software.

    23/07/2007 keith: Where do i bring the Laptop if i need it to be repaired under warranty, I do want to send it back to you in the UK

    Easycom: Please contact Acer support who will organize collection for you.

    23/07/2007 rob: I need to run AUTOCAD and other 3D rendering progs like 3DS...would you recomend this Acer over the upgraded 2GB ram Samsung R70?...also I've heard that the trackpad gets in the way when typing....can it be temp disabled?...many thanks

    Easycom: When I tried the notebook I did not find that the trackpad got in any way but you can disable it if you want to. As for choosing between an Aspire and a Samsung I personally prefer the Gemstone styling on the Aspire.

    23/07/2007 rob: I need to use a laptop for AUTOCAD and 3D redering progs....would you recomend this Acer over the upgraded 2mb Ram Samsung R70?

    Also I've heard that the trackpad can get in the way when typing...can the trackpad be temp diabled?....many thanks

    Easycom: The trackpad can be disabled if required however I did not find that it got in the way when I played with one of the sample models. As for this Aspire or the Samsung I prefer the Acer styling.

    23/07/2007 Nick: I want to order this laptop this week will you have them this week or will it be later? please let me know asap! also if I wanted to take this laptop to the USA what do I need to do besides changing the power supply voltage?

    Easycom: The due date for the Aspire 5920WSMi is currently indicated on the site and will be available on next working day delivery once they are in. The power supply is a switching supply so all you need is an adaptor plug, especially as the standard warranty is a travelers, international warranty.

    22/07/2007 Pedro: Hello, could you please compare the screen specs of this one to those of an HP or Sony Vaio? I want to buy this but I am not so sure if the screen is good enough..I have never seen this one myself, however the ACER laptops that are in the market seem to have lower quality screens than Sony or HP laptops. I would be glad if you could inform me a little about this issue...Thank you.

    Easycom: The Acer screen offers a wide viewing angle with vibrant colors and a fast refresh rate making it ideal for watching movies and gaming.

    22/07/2007 AJA: when Acer 5920 LX.AGW0X.169 will be avaliable?

    Easycom: 30th July

    21/07/2007 sonia: When this laptop will be in stock?

    Easycom: The due date is indicated above.

    21/07/2007 UA: Hi, Is it possible for us to collect this laptop by 24 July, at London centre, I know on this site it says 30 July. Just in case if you have 1 or 2 left

    Easycom: Normally it is possible to collect all products from our London collection point however we are not expecting stock until the 30th of July. The Aspire 5920WSMi will be available for collections once stock is in.

    20/07/2007 Nick: Does this laptop have a DirectX 10 grapics card?

    Easycom: The Aspire Laptop has a direct X10 compatible Nvidia 8600M GT graphics card which is great for gaming and running Windows Vista.

    Easycom: The Aspire Laptop has a direct X10 compatible Nvidia 8600M GT graphics card which is great for gaming and running Windows Vista.

    19/07/2007 Peter: Does the wireless N comply with the draft n "TopDog" standard? What is the exact model of the wirless adapter?

    Easycom: The wireless card does 802.11a/b/g and draft N

    19/07/2007 David R: can the vista install be changed to Vista Ultimate?
    Can a disk version be bought instead of the preinstall/partition?

    Easycom: Yes please call the sales team to discuss upgrading Vista on the notebook.

    18/07/2007 enty14: Will this laptop play crysis?

    Easycom: Yes it would be fine

    18/07/2007 René: Does this Acer Santa Rosa have speakers in-built?

    Easycom: Yes it does

    18/07/2007 warranty: Sorry for one more question. Is 3 years warranty for this laptop treaten like a accessory? Is 7 days delivery for Laptop + 3 years waranty free?? thank you

    Easycom: The 3 year warranty does qualify for a free seven day delivery though, if you place the order on the phone you would qualify for a discounted next working day delivery.

    17/07/2007 M: Do you have any in stock now if i order one? When is your next stock due in?

    Easycom: The stock indication on the website is live and reflects the current stock situation.

    17/07/2007 Sue: My daughter needs a laptop for Uni -we're pleased with our business Acer. Would this be a good one ? Can it be used to receive TV too and how would this be done?

    Easycom: If you want to use the laptop to watch TV you require a USB TV tuner. They are really easy to install and offer the ability to record TV programs to DVD or hard disc. You can find our range of TV tuners within the laptop accessories page.

    17/07/2007 warranty: How to upgrade my warranty to 3 years?? How much does it cost??

    Easycom: You find the upgrade warranty under the recommended accessories tab.

    17/07/2007 Andy: What date do you think you will have stock back in?

    Easycom: The stock indication on the site is live and reflects current availability.

    17/07/2007 Anne: Bluetooth and 4 USB ports are specified in the reviews for this machine. Answers here state no Bluetooth and 3 USB ports. This is the only outlet to buy the machine at present. Why is the spec available different to that provided for review ?

    Easycom: This is the specification currently supplied to the UK by Acer.

    17/07/2007 Mihail: Can I purchase an internal bluetooth module to the acer 5920 (And I do not understend mhy couldn,t Acer inser a bluetooth module into such hi-tech laptop ?)(?!)

    Easycom: Unfortunately it is not currently possible to supply internal Bluetooth units for this Acer. I guess the reason there is no Bluetooth is due to the price point.

    17/07/2007 Kash: Very Interested in purchasing this laptop. however i have a few questions. As i am a keen music maker, what type of soundcard is installed in this laptop? The Acer website and independent reviews suggest this comes with Turbo memory but you guys state it doesnt??? or is this a feature that is coming out in a newer model? Also Finally how much extra would it cost not get Vista pre installed on the hard drive and come with a Vista home premium disk, as i would be looking to reformat every 6months or so? thanks

    Easycom: The soundcard is a standard 16 bit card which offers adequate quality for day to day tasks but if your doing serious work you may want to look into an external sound card. This notebook features 1GB of TurboMemory which increase the load of time of many applications. Unfortunately the notebook is only available with Vista pre-installed however a restore disk can be order from Acer or Microsoft for the notebook.

    17/07/2007 Mihail: I've noticed that this model doesn't have bluetooth , so can I order it separatly from this notebook ?

    Easycom: You could purchase an external USB Bluetooth adaptor which would give the laptop Bluetooth capabilities.

    16/07/2007 Mozwell Brown: would this laptop be powerful enough and suitable for music production? Running programs like Cubase and using MIDI keyboard etc?

    Easycom: Yes it would be fine

    16/07/2007 Nathaniel: Received this laptop today and I for one am very happy with it. It's hard to find many faults with it at all (except that it's a very tight squeeze with the case that comes as part of the extended warranty bundle). Good build quality & the spec speaks for itself. The keyboard avoids many common laptop pitfalls and the webcam is surprisingly good quality. The beige is different, but not a problem in my opinion. In response to someone's earlier query, the sticker on the laptop says that the graphics is 256MB dedicated but that turbocache can take that up to 1024MB.

    Easycom: Thanks for the review

    15/07/2007 Pete: Is there any way t receive Bluetooth on this laptop.

    Easycom: Bluetooth can be added to the laptop via an external USB adaptor.

    15/07/2007 Claudio: Is it possible to change this hard drive to one with 7200rpm even if its of lower capacity and I have to pay an extra?

    Easycom: Unfortunately is not possible to change the hard drive in the model however if you are looking for a faster read time perhaps an external USB 2.0 hard disc would be appropriate.

    14/07/2007 Horace: For studies and gaming would you recommend this laptop over the Samsung R70 Santa Rosa laptop?

    Easycom: The Acer offers more performance than the Samsung however it is more expensive.

    14/07/2007 Horace: As well as gaming, i will be using this laptop for my studies, so is the keyboard confortable for prolonged use?

    Easycom: Acer keyboards are generally considered comfortable to use and are poular in education because of this. However if you wanted you could use an external USB keyboard.

    13/07/2007 David Norris: Received the laptop the day after ordering it, fantastic product and superb service!

    13/07/2007 anthony: i preordered this laptop on friday the 6th expecting to receive this laptop on thurs 12th but got it on the tuesday instead which was a bonus.....this is my first laptop and i must say im well impressed with this machine its great for games ,ive been playing stalker and call of duty 2 on nearly full settings....if your a casual gamer like me this machine is the best bang for buck at the moment

    13/07/2007 seb: Does this laptop come with microsoft works?

    Easycom: It does not

    13/07/2007 seb: Do you have this laptop in stock so if i buy it, it could be delivered before 26/07/07?

    Easycom: Yes the laptop will be available for delivery.

    12/07/2007 Johnr: Would suggest as your company has had quite a few questions concerning the 'bluetooth issue', you should ask the manufacturer for this to be included as part of the spec for this model as described in the original spec and test reports. Also ask for a Vista restore disc to be a part of the package.

    Easycom: This laptop does not included Bluetooth and has been never listed as including Bluetooth on this website.

    12/07/2007 wujtehacjusz: Can I have it with Windows XP Home or Prof?

    Easycom: Please contact the sales team to discuss downgrade options.

    12/07/2007 seb: When does this laptop hit UK stores and avaiable to buy?

    Easycom: Laptop is available for sale now

    12/07/2007 steve: Do this model come with a 6 or 8 cell battery?

    Easycom: The laptop comes with a 6 cell battery

    11/07/2007 J888www: Hi, Joel asked a direct question in regard to the number of USB ports, on 29th. June. You evaded the answer the question. Or does it only have the ONE ?

    Easycom: The laptop has three USB ports

    11/07/2007 John: I noticed this product is available on a buy now pay in July 08 finance. When on the checkout page the only finance offer available is buy now pay in April 08. Can you please confirm how I select the buy now pay in July 08 finance offer.

    Easycom: Please contact the sales team to order with 12 months finance.

    11/07/2007 Jeremy: Given reviews of this laptop & Acer specs have it with Turbo Memory & Bluetooth, when will you stock a model that comes with these, or why would all the reviews have been on a higher spec model which Acer is not making available?

    Easycom: This model has Turbo Memory but does not feature Bluetooth.

    11/07/2007 Tony: Will you have any of this laptop in stock at the end of the month?

    Easycom: Possibly we are selling out very quickly

    10/07/2007 fedup: What happened to the 1GB of turbo memory module stated in all online reviews of the aspire 5920? The absence of which will put thousands of people off buying it. I am v dissapointed as i was ready to buy.

    Easycom: There is 1GB of TurboMemory on this laptop

    10/07/2007 Russ: How is it that you are the only people with stock of the 5920. Acer UK still don't have a release date. Are these imports ? Will the warranty be OK ?

    Easycom: Being Acer leading reseller has its advantages, these laptops are UK stock with UK warranties.

    10/07/2007 Dave: Can XP Pro be selected as the Operating System - if yes, is there an extra charge made?

    Easycom: Please contact the sales team to discuss downgrading the operating system.

    09/07/2007 jo: Hi, i'm very interested in buying this laptop, but I want to get it with linux and not vista. Is that possible, and how much would it cost?

    Easycom: The laptop is only available with the operating system listed.

    09/07/2007 geekgamer (sam): hi there, i am a big fan of games like guild wars and diablo 2. wil these games and respective future and current expansion packs run on these?

    Easycom: This computer is capable or running all of the listed games.

    09/07/2007 PS: What is the hard disk speed?

    Easycom: 5400rpm

    09/07/2007 PS: Does this laptop have a firewire port?

    Easycom: Yee there is a Firewire port on this laptop

    09/07/2007 Rod: Do you have this laptop in stock (9/7/07)? Also, does it have a Firewire port? Thank you

    Easycom: There is a single firewire port on this laptop. Stock is indicated next to the price of the laptop and is a live figure which changes as orders are placed or stock is received.

    08/07/2007 Chris: You say this laptop is designed for Vista, does that mean I cannot install windows XP on it at all?

    Easycom: The notebook comes with Vista installed however you can install XP if you wish to.

    08/07/2007 mike: is a vista restore disc supplied with this laptop

    Easycom: The laptop comes with a restore partition.

    08/07/2007 professor: when will this model be available with integrated bluetooth and the optional HD drive? will you be stocking it when it is?

    Easycom: This model will not be available with the Bluetooth or an HD drive.

    08/07/2007 Gordon: Earlier answer stated "The laptop comes with a restore partition rather than discs as they are faster to use when restoring and can not be lost unlike the old style discs."
    What happens if hard disc fails outside of warranty and has to be replaced - how is the operating system re-installed without the installation discs?

    Easycom: An authorized Acer repair center will replace the operating system and reinstall the recovery partition else the notebook does give you the opportunity to create a recovery disk or if you want a disk can be order from the Acer support directly.

    08/07/2007 Nathaniel: Does the CrystalBrite Technology mean that this laptop has a glossy screen?

    Easycom: Yes the screen has a glossy finish

    07/07/2007 cai: can Xp be used on this notebook?

    Easycom: XP can be installed but the notebook comes with Vista pre-installed.

    07/07/2007 hati: can you plug your mobil into the laptop ?

    Easycom: Yes there are a number of USB2 ports.

    06/07/2007 Ben: Do you know if the next shipment will have turbo memory and bluetooth installed. or just turbo memory?

    if not do you know when the turbo memory models will come into stock

    Easycom: edit 11/07/07 - there is 1GB of TurboMemory on this laptop

    This model will not be available with Bluetooth or TurboMemory.

    06/07/2007 Stephen: Can you advise me what is the difference betwen this laptop (5920WSMi) and the 5920WLMi model?

    Easycom: The LMi model has a smaller screen

    05/07/2007 ender: do you make shipments to turkey?

    Easycom: Unfortunately we only deliver to EC countries

    05/07/2007 Horace: Would this laptop be able to run Rome: Total War and Medieval 2: Total War on full settings?

    Easycom: Yes it can

    05/07/2007 Stuart: I have Microsoft Office 2003 software, will I be able to use it on this laptop as it runs Windows Vista

    Easycom: Yes - Office 2003 is compatible with Vista. But if you have the OEM version of Office and it has been used before, you will need to buy a new copy of Office. If so, I would recommend Office 2007

    05/07/2007 Fraggle: Does the 8600M GT card allow for Turbocache memory, and if so how much in addition to the 256mb onboard?

    Easycom: The graphics memeory cannot be increased

    05/07/2007 glen: Do you do any package deals with either Acer docking stations or Targus? Either way how do you connect these docking stations (I believe the Targus is by USB)? (I.e. does the acer docking station use a port underneath the lap top?)

    Easycom: This model is only compatible with USB docking stations as it does not have a docking port. Please contact sales for bundle options.

    04/07/2007 Horatio: Would I be able to access the Internet wirelessly?

    Easycom: Yes you can

    04/07/2007 Glen: What docking stations are available for this notebook and are there any that connect via USB?

    Easycom: The Targus universal docking station works with this laptop and can be found amongst the docking stations.

    04/07/2007 fraggle: Can a 64 bit install be done form the user created repair disc or partition, or is a full vista disc neccesary for this? Also, are 64 bit drivers available?

    Easycom: A 64 bit install can be done however we strongly recommend against doing this due to the lack of 64bit drivers.

    04/07/2007 Maverick: The 2GB RAM is this 2X1024 or 1X2048

    Easycom: 2x1GB

    04/07/2007 vinny: received this yesterday, havent had time to play with it as ive been working but its very sexy, if the inside was white it would look even better as opposed to the beige colour. the only design flaw is a usb port right next to to the dvd drive but its not a big issue, ill report more when i get home tonight!

    03/07/2007 MJG: Will Vista run applications on this notebook in 64 bit mode, and if so, does that mean that the F-secure 2007 update for Vista will not be compatible?

    Easycom: This notebook is indeed capable of running 64bit applications however the operating system will install itself in 32bit mode so to improve compatibility with older devices. Consequently F-Secure will work fine.

    Easycom: This notebook is indeed capable of running 64bit applications however the operating system will install itself in 32bit mode so to improve compatibility with older devices. Consequently F-Secure will work fine.

    03/07/2007 Chathura: Hi is this laptop comes with a win vista cd or is it only has installed version? (If i wanted to format later on and put the system back...)

    Easycom: The laptop comes with a restore partition rather than discs as they are faster to use when restoring and can not be lost unlike the old style discs.

    03/07/2007 Carl: Is the operating system the 32 bit or 64 bit version of Vista Home Premium?

    Easycom: The default install is 32 bit though you can do a 64 bit install

    03/07/2007 james: can this laptop play windows XP games such as company of heroes even though it has windows vista on it ?????

    Easycom: the hardware within the laptop is capable of handling the most demanding of games as long as there are version released for Vista.

    03/07/2007 adamh: Can you confirm that these laptops have bluetooth installed? All the reviews and technical specs I have seen state that they do, but I have heard rumours that the UK models do not? Many thanks...

    Easycom: There is no bluetooth in this model.

    02/07/2007 teb: does this laptop have a high definition disk drive?

    Easycom: There is not a HD drive in this notebook.

    02/07/2007 Chung878: Just wondering if this model ships with bluetooth or not because I've read that some models do not ship with bluetooth even though there is a bluetooth button there and it turns out to be a dummy button!

    Easycom: There is no bluetooth in this model.

    02/07/2007 Adrian: Is the fitted RAM 800Mhz to match the processor or the 667Mhz variety?

    Easycom: The laptop takes DDR2-667 memory.

    02/07/2007 PHil: What software does this come with?
    Does it come with a mouse?

    Easycom: The laptop comes with Windows Vista preinstalled but does not come with a mouse.

    02/07/2007 sam: can this laptop get good framerates on stalker shadow of chernobyl?

    Easycom: Yes is a great gaming laptop.

    02/07/2007 JayVee: will there be any upgrades available for this product e.g. memory, screen resolution, HD optical drive?

    Easycom: The memory can be easily upgrade on this model.

    01/07/2007 Steve Price: Does it have Bluetooth? Does the optical drive support DVD-RAM? Are XP drivers available (I don't want Vista)? How many cells in the battery? Where is the complete spec for this laptop? Thanks.

    Easycom: There is no Bluetooth on this model but the optical drive can burn DVD-RAM. This notebook is designed for use with Vista so there are no XP drivers available.

    01/07/2007 enty14: does this have a HD drive?

    Easycom: No it does not

    01/07/2007 Matt: I noticed that this has a (x2) next to the processing speed. Does this mean it has a dual processor?

    Easycom: Yes - this notebook has a dual core processor.

    01/07/2007 Karlos: Does this laptop have built-in bluetooth? (Not identified in the spec.)

    Easycom: There is no bluetooth

    01/07/2007 phil: hi, does it come with vista premium installed?

    Easycom: Yes it does

    30/06/2007 Lee: Does that laptop have a UK standard keyboard or is it an import so has a foreign one?

    Easycom: It has a UK keyboard, power supply and warranty.

    30/06/2007 J: What size is the battery? In terms of cell capacity.

    Easycom: 6 cell

    30/06/2007 robb: I have an external monitor that only runs at 1680x1050.... will this laptop support this resolution and give me a desktop that includes both the external monitor and the notebook. Also, a relative wants to buy me this a present, can they order it for me with their credit card but have it delivered to my address or do you insist that it is delivered to the registered card holders address only?

    Easycom: The laptop will run the external screen fine however we can only deliver to the card holders place of work or registered address.

    30/06/2007 vinny: i am really interested in this laptop, is there anyway to upgrade the ram at all?

    Easycom: The ram can be upgraded to 4GB.

    29/06/2007 adam: whats the hard drive speed

    Easycom: The hard drive is a 5400 rpm model.

    29/06/2007 Solidus: Does this laptop support Turbo memory?!

    Easycom: edit 11/07/07 - there is 1GB of TurboMemory on this laptop

    29/06/2007 joel: How many USB ports? Does it has CD reader/writer as well? (just says DVD).

    Easycom: The laptop can read and write DVDs and CDs.

    29/06/2007 Stevie: Do you have this laptop ins stock as of now (29/06/07)?

    Easycom: Yes we do have this laptop in stock.

    29/06/2007 hans: has the graphics card got 256mb of dedicated ram or 128mb ?

    Easycom: The laptop has 256MB of dedicated graphics memory.

    28/06/2007 Solidus: Does this Santa rosa laptop offer draft n connection or Turbo Memory?

    Easycom: edit 11/07/07 - there is 1GB of Turbo Memory on this laptop

    There is draft n wireless but no Turbo Memory

    27/06/2007 Acer Aspire 5920WSMi Laptop: Is there Memory turbo enabled/installed? If so What size?
    Can it be upgraded(support) to 4 GB of RAM in the future?

    Easycom: edit 11/07/07 - there is 1GB of Turbo Memory on this laptop

    No turbo cache on this laptop thought the amount of RAM can be increased if you wish.

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