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Acer Aspire 7720G Gemstone Laptop

(LX.ALN0X.248) Quick Find: 134135
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Acer Aspire 7720G Gemstone Laptop
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For a superb all-round laptop that’s fine-tuned to meet your entertainment needs, look no further than the Acer Aspire 7720G.

Whether you’re watching movies, looking at photos or just browsing the web the amazing 17 inch widescreen display will present it beautifully. What’s more, the nVidia GeForce 8400M GS graphics reveal the true capabilities of this model, by utilising it in the gaming world as well.

Sound is taken care of by the integrated stereo speakers and subwoofer which produce crisp sound that matches the visuals. So, with this model all you’ll have to worry about is how to tear yourself away!

The built in HD DVD player means you can make the most of the 7720G’s entertainment potential by watching all the latest movies in dazzling detail. Plus, with a webcam included, having video conversations with all your friends is as easy as browsing the web.

With substantial power under the lid you’ll breeze through your everyday computing tasks in double quick time. The impressive Intel Core 2 Duo processor alongside 2GB RAM enables you to run several tasks simultaneously, saving time and putting you back in control. So, if you want to get on with some work, listen to some music and download a movie all at once … no problem!

The twin 160GB Hard Drives, provide loads of room for all your music, movies, photos and games. Just to show you how much there is, here’s an example of what 320GB can give you:

- Up to 91,400 photos
- Up to 8,000 MP3 Songs
- Up to 160 Hours of DVD quality video

With such a brilliant spec coupled with features that make it ideal for all your needs, the Acer Aspire 7720G is clearly one of the best laptops in its class, and at this price you can’t afford to miss out!


Customer Questions and Answers


dave: Yes

28/10/2008 dazza417: What is the battery life like?

peterh: The 6-cell battery in this laptop will give around 3 to 4 hours from a full charge, depending on use.

27/10/2008 Laura: Is there wireless included in the price? I am a freelancer designer and I am all the time travelling, so I need a laptop with wireless and plenty memory and HD. Is this the best one for me?

Matt: Yes, it features Wireless LAN.

21/10/2008 Phil: Do you have any details regarding Linux compatibility for this machine please?

Matt: Yes, it should work fine.

20/10/2008 Charley: Hi, i was just wondering how well this laptop would run World of Warcraft. If not, then which Acer laptop would be the best. =]

peterh: This laptop would have no trouble with WoW - It has a good dedicated graphics card.

20/10/2008 Tom: Hi. I notice in the photo's of this laptop the screen has a black surround & white keyboard and in the video it's all white. Could you please clarify this for me. Many Thanks. Tom

Matt: This one has an all white surround actually, we'll have to get some more pictures taken.

15/10/2008 Doug: I am considering the Acer Aspire 7720G Laptop - LX.ALN0X.248
Are the Vista installation discs supplied with this laptop ?
I have to run legacy software that is not Vista compatible and wish to configure a dual Boot Vista / XP Pro system.
Can this easily be achieved if a only a recovery disc or partition is supplied?

Matt: You could run a separate version of XP Pro on a dual boot setup. This comes with system recovery data on partition and Vista is integrated into that so you dont get physical operating system discs.

07/10/2008 debbie: I've never owned a lap top only desk top so a bit anxious. My main interest is photography, will this computer 7720G accommodate adobe photoshop elements 6.

peterh: Yes, with no problems.

03/10/2008 Steve: Can you tell me if the 7720G will play Microsoft Flight Simulator X or should I go for a higher spec model

SteveF: if you want to play flight sims which are the most demanding games graphically, then you'd need a gaming laptop to do so. Please give our sales guys a call and they'll go through some alternative models with you.

24/09/2008 jonno_96: Could you let me know the weight of this laptop please? Would you rate is as light or heavy? Cheers

SteveF: Its 3.6 kg which is middle of the road. Light enough to travel with but not something you would want to carry around all day long.

17/09/2008 Ken: I have a question for this laptop(Aspire 7720). I went to the Acer site and I only find a few Windows XP 64 Bit drivers. Do you or anyone know where I can get all the Windows XP 64 Bit drivers.

Easycom: Please contact acer on that one. There are several sites which offer driver support but its best to check as changing the operating system may invalidate the warranty.

02/09/2008 Elliott: Hi, is this laptop able to burn dvds onto the hard drive?

Easycom: Any laptop with a DVD drive and a hard-drive can do this, if you have the right software. Unfortunately the laptop does not come with software to encode DVDs, but it is available from other online retailers.

01/09/2008 Silvia: How long does the battery last?

Easycom: Around 2-2.5 hours with that model.

30/08/2008 RJC: would you be able to upgrade 32bit vista to 64bit vista if i upgraded to RAM to 4GB

Easycom: Yes you would.

27/08/2008 GaryN: Is there any upgrade path to including bluetooth functionality on this laptop internally. Either as an added extra or if the laptop has internal headers where to buy the hardware component.

Easycom: The space is there internally, and the module can be purchased elsewhere, but please be advised that opening the case to install the bluetooth module will void the warranty. BCM92045NMD-95 T60H928 is the part you will need.

18/08/2008 Ryukai: Does this laptop have 160gb or 320gb hard drive space? the information you give is misleading.

Easycom: It has 2 x 160GB, 320 in total. Thanks for the heads up on the spec.

16/08/2008 holly: Hi can this laptop run second life ok? thanks

Easycom: Judging from the minimum spec required to run the game, which is listed on the second life web site, this laptop should be fine.

02/08/2008 ginner159: Hi there, could you please tell me what type of connector the DVI port is (male or female). Also on the image it shows a VGA output??? not DVI!?? is this correct or do the images need updating

Easycom: The DVI port is male.
you are right the image does need updating

02/08/2008 Mei: Is the laptop capable of handling 64 bit vista? I know that 32 bit Vista won't make full use of extra RAM if I upgraded the machine to 4Gb.

Easycom: It would be capable of running 64-bit Vista.

30/07/2008 May: I have recently bought the Acer Aspire 5920G(H), but it hasn't got a parallel port to connect my old printer. Has this one got it or what is the sollusion? Thanks

Easycom: No laptops have a parallel port these days, as they were relpaced by USB printers a long time ago. The easiest way would be to get yourself a USB port replicator which has a parallel port on it.

21/07/2008 HDTV: Can you confirm that the HD DVD drive will read blue ray disks. Could you also connections are needed to connect to a full HD TV to allow high def playback and high def internet browsing.

Easycom: No, it does not read blu-ray discs. You would need a HDMI port or DVI (with HDCP support).

19/07/2008 davidocak: Can this notebook write DVDs? One of the previous answers said yes while another said no. I'm a bit confused about it. Can you please advise me?

Easycom: The technical specifications from Acer on this laptop are very unclear, which is why we ourselves have been a little confused regarding the capabilities of the optical drive. The official response is that the drive can read from HD-DVDs, DVDs and CDs, but it can only write to CDs and DVDs, which is why it has to be stated as being a HD-DVD ROM (read only). Apologies for the confusion.

19/07/2008 Matt: In response to a question from Jimmy you said that the optical drive can only read HD DVDs, DVDs and CDs. However, in response to Nigel you said that, in addition to this, it can also write DVDs and CDs. Could you clarify this for me please?

Easycom: It can read and write normal CDs and DVDs, it can only read HD DVDs. :)

15/07/2008 Mark C -: What is the vista performance score for this machine?

Easycom: We havent opened any or booted them up, so not sure about that one. Maybe someone who already has one could provide the answer.

14/07/2008 Nigel: Hello, does this machine have a dvd writer installed. If not could you advise on a model with this option.

Easycom: Yes, the HD-DVD drive can also write normal DVD discs.

19/06/2008 Mr Hill: My question is I have answered my own previous quesion about the downgrade to XP so I will have to do it myself please could you point me in the direction of ALL the XP drivers for this laptop.
I need everything from the Chipset to the Graphics and everything inbetween, if you could do this it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance

Easycom: Sorry we dnt provide drivers. however you can visit ( to global acer website for drivers.

01/06/2008 Granville: Can you comfirm that the HD DVD Rom drive is able to write to CD's and DVD's, and is it possible to change the drive if need be?

Easycom: This HD-DVD ROM drive can write to normal CDs and DVDs but can not write to HD-DVDs which is why it can only be stated as being a HD-DVD ROM (read only)

10/05/2008 Lovin: The HD DVD ROM, does that just play HD DVD's or is it compatible with normal dvd's and CD's, also can you tell me the burn speed/read speed of the drive thanks.

Easycom: It is compatible with normal cds and dvds also.
The information about its speed is not available sorry.

10/04/2008 Rob: Sorry for the silly question but i'm not familiar with laptops! For gaming can an average PC joystick be used with a laptop or are there specific ones that have to be used?

Easycom: Any USB compatible joystick can be used.

01/04/2008 Jimmy: Regarding the HD-ROM is it a read only drive or it has writing capablity? If reader only does it has a function as a DVD-RW?

Easycom: The drive read from HD-DVDs/DVDs and CDs, and write to DVDs and CDs.

24/03/2008 Greg: A graphics card of 8M series, are they the latest notebook graphics card chipset?

Easycom: Yes, the 8M series is the latest mobile offering from nVidia.

16/01/2008 Paul: What is the difference between a HDMI port and a DVI Output and a S-Video Output. I am thinking as to buying the 5920 with HDMi or the 7720 though I want to hook it up with my HD TV which has both a HDMI and S Video connection. Is one superier in way to the other

Easycom: DVI and HDMI are essentially the same as one another, image-quality-wise. The principal differences are that HDMI carries audio as well as video, and uses a different type of connector, but both use the same encoding scheme, and that's why a DVI source can be connected to an HDMI monitor, or vice versa, with a DVI/HDMI cable, with no intervening converter box.
HDMI can cary HD signal where as S-Video cannot carry HD Signal.

14/12/2007 Col: Hi I'm looking to get a laptop in place of my desktop, as I also do some work from home I'm looking for a laptop that can be left on for most of the day, without overheating (I've had a laptop previously and I had problems with it overheating and switching off) I'm having difficulty deciding between this and the Acer Aspire 5920G (H) Gemstone Laptop - LX.AN60X.001 - which is best for "heavy use" Thanks

Easycom: From personal experience with acer laptops they are fine when on all day. As for which i would recommend would depend on your use, if you are into games i would say the 5920 as it has a better graphics card. If not I would go with the 7720 as it has a larger screen.

08/12/2007 Tim: Can this model be upgraded with any of the following :-

1 - Ram - Are there any free slots
2 - Graphics Card - Is it possible to get an 8600M card in place of the 8400M card

Many Thanks

Easycom: Ram can be upgraded to 4GB however the current configuration is 2 x 1GB and so there aren't any free slots. Unfortunately it is not possible to upgrade the graphics card.

04/12/2007 Robert Mumford: Looking at the spec of this and the one for £740, I take it that they are both the same spec but this has the additional HD.

Can Windows XP Pro be installed on this instead of Vista, I know that Microsofts own products don't with with vista, I will be using it with SQL Server 2000 and Visual Studio 2003

Easycom: This has a different graphics card as well as a larger hard drive. Please call us to discuss your Windows requirements.

03/12/2007 Dave: Hi, in terms of everyday performance, will there be much difference between this and the 5920G(H). For £20 more than the 5920, this offers the 17" screen and a bigger hard disk. One difference I've seen is the turbo cache. Is this a major difference? The graphics cards look the same so do they have the same 3D benchmarks? Are these figures available?
Many thanks,

Easycom: The GeForce 8600M is slightly better than the GeForce 8400M, both graphics cards have the turbocache. However both systems will perform similar and will be ideal for high demanding applications.

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